Love, Sex and the Bible: Christian Dating Podcast

Love, Sex and the Bible: Christian Dating Podcast

Love, Sex and the Bible. These are topics most all Christian singles find most interesting. This week our first Christian dating podcast features the message, “Love, Sex and the Bible”, is an awesome talk about Christian dating. In addition to this Christian podcast, “Love, Sex and the Bible” can also be listened to via MP3 format on our on site media player (see below) or downloaded through your own computer. Enjoy!

Love, Sex and the Bible: Our First Christian Singles Dating Podcast!

By the way, each week Christian Dating Service PLUS! will be featuring a different podcast/MP3 with Christian singles messages, music or video from churches and Christian singles groups all over the world. “Love, Sex and the Bible” was just our first. Hooray!

Every week we reach thousands of Christian singles, so if you want your church’s or Christian singles group’s message, song or video podcasted on our site, please get in touch.

Are you a single person with something to share about the Christian dating podcast, Love, Sex and the Bible?

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