Marriage Builders for Singles Podcast

Marriage Builders for Singles Podcast

Christian singles can learn a bunch from this marriage builders podcast for Singles on relationships and companionship. This week, Don Neff, pastor of The Worship Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, speaks on marriage builders, being single and companionship in a relevant messsage that will be sure to touch the hearts of all kinds of Christian singles. This would include never been married singles in their 20s, 30s and 40s, divorced singles, desperately seeking a mate singles, Christian single parents and widowed singles. Get the picture?

Marriage Builders Foundation: The Bible

God considers marriage a wonderful love relationship of spiritual, emotional and physical oneness between a man and a woman. Past Neff shares marriage builder advice based on this concept, using Scriptures to back up his points. Awesome!

If you have a church, singles/dating ministry site, para-church group, Christian singles group or college campus outreach, this is for you. We will help you reach more singles by podcasting your Christian singles group’s message, music or video, with a credited link back to your address. If you only have tapes or CDs, we will convert them for FREE into an MP3 format for broadcasting. For more info please feel free to contact us.

Are you a single Christian with your own tips or ideas on view marriage builders?
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