No Perfect People Allowed-Week 2-Transformed Lives

No Perfect People Allowed-Week 2-Transformed Lives

Many of us, whether single or married,   walk around with the burden of wishing we could take back the past mistakes and bad experiences in our lives. The cool thing with Jesus is that He not only takes us  as we are,  imperfect and all,  but that He transforms us into the people we were meant to be.

How to Live Transformed Lives

Listen in as Pastor Dave Butler of  teaches  from Luke 5: 27-32 on how Jesus not only wipes away our past junk, but gives the ability and power to live transformed lives from this time on.  Oasis is a brand new contemporary church  for young families and singles and meets at 1180 Spruce Dr in Mountainside, NJ on Sundays @ 11.  Looking for a church?

No Perfect People Allowed – Week 3 – Imperfect Relationships

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