Online Christian Dating: Advice on How to Start

Online Christian Dating: Advice on How to Start

Many Christian singles are interested in using an online Christian dating site like eHarmony, but are unsure of how or where to start. Other singles have tried online Christian dating, but are looking for some dating advice on how to improve their internet dating experiences.

The following step by step online dating guide will help single Christians through the online Christian dating maze.

Of course, we’re assuming that you’ve already gone to the Lord in prayer over this issue.

Online Christian Dating Guide

Identify your Goals

Before scouring the many internet dating sites, understand what it is you are looking to achieve.

Asking yourself the following questions will help your dating search process while saving you tons of time: Are you simply looking for a Christian penpal or Christian chatroom partner? Are you seeking a casual date or courtship and long term relationship culminating in marriage? Does your date have to live locally, or are you copacedic with long distance dating relationships?

Get Educated About Online Dating Safety

Online Christian dating is no longer a taboo subject in the church. Millions of Christians worldwide are trying online dating because there are many benefits, and they are having wonderful results.

However, like any other dating scenario, there are pitfalls to avoid. Reading about safety dating tips for Christian singles will help ensure a great time.

Choose Reputable Online Dating Sites

This is where you can really waste a lot of time (and money) if you’re not careful. Because there is so much junk out there, it is important to understand what makes a good online Christian dating site.

The following online dating sites are those that most Christians use. Since all offer free trial memberships, and have good search databases where you can meet the kind of date you are looking for, we recommend signing up for free at several to get acquainted with the features. Afterwards, you can join the one you feel most suits your needs.

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Write a Great Online Dating Profile

After you have chosen an online dating service, you will want to write a captivating dating profile that will attract the kind of singles you are hoping to meet.

Two of the most important components of your dating profile besides the body, where you will talk about how wonderful you are, is your dating screen name and dating photo.

Why are are these so important? It’s simple. Your dating screen name and dating photo are the very first things single Christians will see before deciding whether or not to click on to read the rest of your Christian profile. If you mess these up, very few people will be contacting you, so spend some time in order to make these as attractive as possible.

Prepare For Your First Online Communication

Whether you are replying to sombody else’s online Christian dating ad, or you are getting back to someone who has clicked on yours, you need to learn good communication skills.

Good communication is key to any successful online and offline dating relationship. Along these lines, practicing proper email etiquette for dating and learning good conversation starter skills can help you get started on the right track.

Enjoy Your First In Person Date

It’s natural to experience a little nervousness on your first date. In order to ensure things run smoothly, be sure to read dating tips on first date do’s and don’t’s. If you are at a loss over what to do on your date, checking out some creative dating ideas may help get the wheels turning.

Are you a Christian single with your own experience to share about online Christian dating?

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        I just want to give thanks and appreciations to God for His blessings in helping get started with online of Christian dating.


          just want to give thanks and appreciations to God for His blessings in helping get started with online of Christian dating.

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