Online Dating Growing in Europe, Worldwide

Online Dating Growing in Europe, Worldwide

Online European dating popularity is definitely growing, as people throughout Europe have become more familiar with a variety of dating services, like ChristianMingle and the different benefits they may offer singles seeking a soulmate online.

Online Dating in Europe, Asia and U.S.

European dating service name recognition has come largely through word of mouth, viral marketing, Christian singles groups, the hundreds of different online dating sites and the massive media campaigns of services like:

Christian Cafe
Christian Cupid- Asia, South America, UK, Africa, Australia, Europe, Russia

In the U.S. at least, it seems we can’t get through an evening of watching TV or listening to the radio without getting an online dating service personals ad. All this marketing must be working because Pew Internet Research reports that over 37% of all singles (Christian singles included) looking for a date, and 11% of all web surfers, have clicked onto online dating sites.

Presently, 15% of USA adults (that’s over 30 million people) claim they know someone who is either married or in a long term dating relationship on account of using an online dating service.

In Europe and Asia, online dating is currently growing at an even faster rate than in the US. A little more than five years ago, online dating in such countries as the Netherlands, the UK, France, Italy, Japan, China, Korea Russia and Germany was relatively unknown. Today, European dating singles have definitely fallen in love with online dating and matchmaking services. According to Meetic, the leading Europe dating service, multiple thousands of European single people (including Christian singles) are signing up daily for their free trial memberships.

Overall, whatever European dating site, you choose to use, make sure you understand what each online dating site has to offer. Since most offer risk free trial memberships, we recommend checking out a number of dating sites in order to compare the positives and negatives.

Christian Dating Sites

Christian Dating Service

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    • Henrik

      Yes it is true that it is all growing in Europe. Even for christians! 🙂 I just noticed this christian dating site for Europe called It’s all free but I don’t know if it will stay like that forever…

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