Online Dating Sites Christian Singles Use

Online Dating Sites Christian Singles Use

Millions of Christian singles use many different kinds of online dating sites in their search for that special soulmate. The simple reason for this is that there are over 1000 different dating services worldwide.

Therefore, it’s not only important for single Christians to be up to snuff in knowing what makes up a good or reputable online dating site, but also to be educated on what kinds of online dating sites are out there.

Traditional Online Dating Sites

These kind of online dating sites were the first of their kind and came with the advent of the commercial internet in the mid 90’s. is the oldest and largest of this dating genre, which also includes others like eHarmony Dating ServiceChristian Mingle, Yahoo Personals and PerfectMatch.

Traditional online dating sites do not cater to one specific singles demographic, but advertises with everyone in mind. While these online dating sites do not purport to be “Christian dating services”, many Christians do use them because the large search databases makes it easier to find a Christian mate locally.

Online Niche Dating Sites

As the dating market began getting saturated with traditional online dating sites, online niche dating sites began appearing on the web. An online niche dating site is a site that caters to specific characteristics, beliefs, interests or hobbies of particular singles. For example, say you love animals and want to date other singles who do too. No problem! Just go to, and they’ll set you up.

Online dating sites that largely market to Christian singles would include among others: eHarmony Dating Service, Christian Mingle and SingleC-Single Christian Network.

Online Matchmaker Dating Sites

These dating sites are not pure online dating sites in the normal usage that we are familar with, but use the internet to market their matchmaker services. In fact, they have been around for decades before internet dating became in vogue.

What these services offer is one on one help from a professional matchmaker, who interviews and matches clients with the kind of love match they are looking to meet. An example of these kind of services you find online is Great Expectactions. Just know that if you decide to use a matchmaker dating site, you will pay a handsome fee for their services. Is it worth it? I don’t think so, but only you can tell.

Social Networks

Social networks like Facebook are not primarily online dating sites, but you can definitely meet other singles on them. There are several Christian social networks online that you may be interested in checking out.

Overall, this article was a simple overview of the kinds of online dating sites Christians use. If you are a Christian single interested in looking for a mate online, we recommend diversifying your efforts by comparing several dating services. Most of these services are either free or offer some form of free trial memberships.

Finally, the issue is not whether you can meet other Christians on these online dating sites, but which one you feel best suits your needs and beliefs as a follower of Jesus.

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