Online Dating Picture Advice

Online Dating Picture Advice

Here is some  online dating picture advice: Creating a great online dating profile without an online  dating picture of yourself is like having a nice, shiny new car with an empty tank. Huh? Yep, Christian singles who see your picture on dating service ads are over 12 times more likely to click on your dating profile to find out how wonderful you really are.

For better or worse, while single guys are generally much more visual than girls, both sexes tend not to click on personal ads unless they first check out the potential soulmate’s dating picture. You probably already know this is true because you do the same thing. 🙂

Of course, if the online dating picture itself is unflattering, most singles will pass by the profile as well. This brings us to the point of our whole dating tip article. What makes a good, online dating picture?

Online Dating Picture Tips

  1. Make sure your dating pictures include a nice, clear closeup of your face, without the shades. That’s a definite no-no, because it makes people suspect you are trying to hide something, like your true identity! If possible, include a number of photos that show a full body view. The reason for this is made clear below.

  2. Your online dating pictures should be an accurate and truthful representation of the real you. By doing so you take pressure off yourself when you finally meet your date in person. Accurate, up to date pictures will help you relax and just be yourself when you finally meet your dating partner in person. He or she will have already accepted your physical appearance. Wouldn’t that be neat? No pressure to please or to keep that hair piece in place makes for an enjoyable first date.

  3. Stay away from group shots. How many times, have you seen an online dating picture, but you weren’t sure who was who? The worst scenario would be for the guy to be attracted to your friend in the pic instead of you. So just go solo, okay? After all, you’re the person they want to see.

  4. If you are a single parent dating, please don’t put your children in the picture. There’s a time and place for your potential mate to see your kids, but this is not it. For safety’s sake, it also not a good idea to put your kids’ sweet faces online. Too many crazies out there, so why not err on the side of safety?

  5. Let trusted friends see your online dating picture before placing it online. They may give you advice that saves you from putting a bad dating picture on your dating service ad.

Are you a single Christian  with different dating tip advice for putting your picture online? Help others by sharing your online dating picture ideas.

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