Online Teen Dating 101

Online Teen Dating 101

Many dating sites advertise as online teen dating services. However, the truth is that there are very few true teen online dating services, and none to speak of for Christian teens interested finding a girlfriend or boyfriend online.

Online Teen Dating Options

Although there are no real online teen dating services for specifically for Christian teens, those 18 years old and older may want to try such services as eHarmony, Christian Cafe or Christian Mingle. Although these services have older single adults on them, their large search databases makes it easy to meet other teens online for a dating relationships.

Additionally, while social networks are not specifically online teen dating sites, as a teenager, they give you the ability to network and meet others of similar interests. Whether Christian or not, many teens are using sites such as MySpace and We’ve written previously on the benefits of using Christian social network.

Top 5 Online Teen Dating Tips

Online teen dating is definitely on the rise, so those Christian teenagers interested meeting a date online may from the following tips:

Online Teen Dating Tip 1

Before doing anything, commit your online teen dating life to the Lord, and ask Him for wisdom (James 1:5). You do want to attract the right person for you, right? If you are committed to His leading, you will avoid making some stupid and painful mistakes, especially in the area of falling into sexual sin.

Online Teen Dating Tip 2

Okay, you really want some romance in your life. But do you know the signs of a good Christian dating relationship? If you know what to look for, it will be easier to find, and will save you from wasting time and energy in the online teen dating scene.

Online Teen Dating Tip 3

Learn good online safety dating practices. Why? Whether you’re meeting a date online or through some other means, there are some real jerks out there. Some are sexual predators, other are just creepy liars.

Online Teen Dating Tip 4

Don’t isolate yourself, but stay emotionally and spiritually involed with friends and family. singles groups and the friends you meet in them can help guide you through the online teen dating experience, and may help you avoid making poor choices.

Online Teen Dating Tip 5

Remember there are other ways to meet singles than just through online teen dating. Try new things and avoid getting too addict to your computer. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Em

      Looking for a guy who’s 14 or 15 years old and single…I’m an innocent girl who wants a Christian, sweet relationship.

      • Christa

        I’m a 15 year old getting back into the dating lane after a bad break up. I would like a guy at least 16 or 17 who’s honest, funny, caring, considerate, and will treat me like a girl my age should be treated: With the respect and love that god and jesus gives us all.

        • Tim Jones

          Hello, My name is Tim Jones-15. I am a sophmore. I am 5’7″. I make decent grades(A’s, B’s, and the occasional C). I am on my high school football teem as a 2nd string linebacker. I have not had much luck dating so far. I have had only 3 girlfriends. The kind of girl that I like are those who are pretty AND nice. Because it shows that even though they have good looks, they aren’t full of themselves like many pretty girls are and it shows that they are a good person.

          • Jenna

            Hey. I’m Jenna, 16, and have never had a boyfriend. The kind of guy I want to date is kind, sweet, generous, a gentlemen, a good sense of humor, and loves the Lord. A guy that can just let loose and be a dork, a guy that actually cares about me and wants to know what’s on my mind. Oh, and it be great if you were cute, lol.

            • Kelsey

              I AM A 13 YR OLD GIRL
              I would like to meet some one 13-15, boys OR girls…… I am a happy up-beat and down to earth person… I am VERY sensitive… I love animals and helping the enviroment.
              MY DISCRIPTION:
              Eyes: Blue, but the shades turn different colored with my emotions.
              Hair: medium brown/ light brown curly…
              Loves: Michael Jackson and teddy bears!!!!
              my favorite book is the BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 JESUS!

              • Kimberly

                hi i am kimberly. i am 17. I am a christian and i am interested in a guy that’s a true Christian who truly loves the Lord. I am just interested in online dating.

                • Ashley

                  I’m almost 18 year old girl. 5’4′ brown hair and ye. I’m just getting back into the whole Christian thing but its changed my life. I want to meet a Christian boy, 17-19. I love Jesus with all my heart. I’m going to college in the fall to become an ESL/Tesol teacher. I like making new friends and making people happy and smile.

                  • Katlyn

                    i am a girl that needs a sweet Christian guy that is 13-15 in my life.i am a very sensitive person that needs a boyfriend.i am 13 yrs old and my name is katlyn.

                    • Amanda

                      Hi, my Name is Amanda and I am 16y.o. I’m trying to meet new people, girls or Guys. I’m a Christian who is surrounded by non-christians and I really would love to speak to other people who share the same love that I have with God. I’m still in the process of changing myself to be who God wants me to be. And my dating is really bad. So, my next try is definitely a christian Guy who loves the Lord and tries hard to follow the Laws of God.

                      • Marily

                        I’m Marily, I’m 14 (15 on December). I am very mature for my age, sometimes mistaken as a 17-year-old, I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and I would love to meet a guy who feels the same way as I do about him. I live in Los Angeles, and well, it’s awesome. I live a happy life (Courtesy of the Lord our God) and would love to share my love and hapiness with a sweet, honest, caring and understanding male from the ages of 15-17. I love myself for who I am, and I would like a guy who will love ME for who I am.

                        • Chelsey

                          My name is Chelsey. ( But friends call me Magic. ) I am 14 years of age. My birthday just passed. ( July 31st ) I LOVE Jesus Christ. He is my Saviour and my Best Friend. I am looking for a Christian. A sweet romantic kind boy to love. Although I am quite young I am very mature. Although my friends adore me for my sense of humor, I am also very sophisticated. I need a guy who I can trust and feel free to tell ANYTHING to. I want someone who loves me for ME. ๐Ÿ™‚ I live in Kentucky. ( Such a beautiful place ) My family has put me through so much, but it has only made me stronger.

                          • Ashley

                            my name is ashley. i just turned 15 on september 29. im
                            very quiet but funny and sweet. im looking for a guy that is sweet
                            and has a great sense of humor. someone that i can talk to when im
                            down and just have funny with. i am mixed ..and i have hazel eyes
                            and wavey hair but i recently trimmed ti so it shoulder length. i
                            love any type of romantic stuff but im kinda tomboyish but at like
                            a mature sweet girl. im not very social and been working on that
                            bad habit of mine. ive been through alot and fixing my life for the
                            better. i love people but most seem to not like me, main problem is
                            becuase im too quiet. i would love meeting anyone and enjoying time
                            with nw people.

                            • Joshua Shannon

                              I’m not a super christian kind of person but I do set most of my rules by bible teachings. I hope to meet a sweet,beautiful,independent girl but doesn’t criticize everything about 16 or 17 who doesn’t mind a shy boy. I’ve dated very little. I don’t post stuff like this too often. It’s becoming difficult to find decent girls and I thought what better place to find decent people than a christian dating site,lol. Hope to see a reply.

                              • Joshua Shannon

                                Iโ€™m not a super christian kind of person but I do set most
                                of my rules by bible teachings. I hope to meet a
                                sweet,beautiful,independent girl (but doesnโ€™t criticize
                                everything)about 16 or 17 who doesnโ€™t mind a shy boy. Iโ€™ve dated
                                very little. I donโ€™t post stuff like this too often. Itโ€™s becoming
                                difficult to find decent girls and I thought what better place to
                                find decent people than a christian dating site,lol. Hope to see a

                                • Nate

                                  Hi Im Nate, I am 16 and am looking for a good Christian relationship. Someone who loves Jesus just as much as I do!
                                  If anyone is just wondering I am 5,6. Hazel Eyes and whatever. haha. I live in Michigan and I am NOT looking for a long distance relationship cause it just doesn’t work most of the time. I LOVE music, I hope to be a worship leader/music teacher when I grow older. ๐Ÿ˜€ I enjoy my friends company and always rely on them for advice.
                                  I am looking for a girl who is around my age 15-16.
                                  Who loves the Lord and is interested in a Godly relationship.
                                  Who obviously lives in Michigan.
                                  And who would be interested in a guy like me. ๐Ÿ™‚

                                  • Brook Deal

                                    Hi my name Is Brook.I am 13 I am looking for a guy.Who
                                    likes to talk.And likes to go to places and is lovable. And loves
                                    God like I do.I am lovable and I make very good grades in school.I
                                    just suffered a horrible break up. I live in TN. And I hope someone
                                    hears me out.

                                    • Courtney

                                      I am a 14 year old girl turning 15 in July and I am looking for a good christian guy who loves Jesus ,Church.Bible,and their family and friends just as much as I do .I am kinda of shy and want someone who does not judge everything and has a good heart I am willing to give anyone a chance

                                      • Caitlin

                                        hi im caitlin i want a guy who will make me laugh and is nice to me and sweet and that we will never meet in real life and he has to be 14-15 im 14

                                        • James

                                          Hi there! I’m James and I would love to chat with a (16+, I’m 16) girl who loves the lord as much as I do and is looking for a guy. I probably won’t ever get the chance to see her, but if you are interested, give me an email at!

                                          • paige

                                            hello!! I am Paige and I am 13 years old looking for a christian guy *13-15* I am here because the guys around where I live are really perverted and plus i just went through a crusual brake up a month or two ago. I just want to find a guy that is nice sweet and aint afraid to speak his heart out. I have had lots of boyfriends in the past but I really want one who will respect me. I hope there is someone out there for me and i really want a guy that is like a really good christian. =)

                                            • Jake

                                              I’m Jake and I am 15 turning 16 in April, and love the Lord with all my heart. I would like to find a good Christian girl who would like me for me an who loves the Lord God as much as me and who would hang out alot. I go to Trinity Baptist Church and love my youth group! Please email me @

                                              • Allison

                                                Hi! My name is Allison. I go to a private Christian Academy in Tennessee and live in Tennessee. I have been a baptized Christian for three years. In two weeks I will be 14, but the funny/annoying thing is… sister’s RA at her Christian college thought I was older than her. Haha People say I am very pretty and I am a leader at my school. I have medium length red curly hair and am 5 foot 2. I have never been asked out so…..yep The end:)

                                                • Emily

                                                  Hello there mates! I’m here to find a christian boy who loves the bible as much as I do. I’m 16 looking for men who are 16-19. I will tell you straight off that I AM chubby, but even if you don’t want to date maybe we could be friends? hope to get a reply ๐Ÿ™‚

                                                  • Jake

                                                    Hey Allison and Emily, I am replying to your comments. I am a 16 year old guy who is looking for a good Christian girl who loves God as much as I do and I also go to a Christian academy to Allison, I am looking forward to a reply.

                                                    • Jacqueline

                                                      I’m 16 and I’m looking for the right person to date. But I’m sort of confused on whether I should date a christian or keep looking. I want somebody who respects me physically, emotionally, mentally, and sexually. I’ve had some bad run ins in the past but I managed to not fall in the trap called sex. I want to be respect for who I am and what I am not for what I could do. Please help!

                                                      • Jacqueline

                                                        Dear Joshua Shannon,
                                                        I am replying to your post. I see your looking for a 16 to 17 year old girl. I’m 16 and am looking for somebody who actually cares about who I am other than caring about what I can do. I am not a criticizer. I’m a lover. My friends and family call me the nicest person around. I’m kind of shy too so don’t worry and I’m quiet sometimes. I like to do things on my own and barely depend on people for things. I’m not Christian but I respect god. I hope we can talk more ๐Ÿ˜€

                                                        • mackenzie

                                                          hey my name is mackenzie im looking for a good christian boy from the ages 14-16. i am 14 years old im 5’6″ hav grayish blueish eyes i am a very dirty blonde and i live in LA. i dont mind a long distance relationship as long as we fully trust each other first. I go to a cathlic school but i am christian and i have no clue why my parents send me to a catholic school;) so if your interested email me at ๐Ÿ™‚

                                                          • jack

                                                            hi i am 15 and i am looking for a girl that will make me laugh and will always be there for me im a bit chubby but not much im 6’2 and people call me a gentle giant hope to speak soon xxxx

                                                            • Danielle

                                                              Hi! My name is Danielle, but I like 2 be called Dani. I’m 17 turning 18 in April. I’m looking for a nice person, who lives in New Jersey, around 17-18 years old, and who is willing to care about me and not only my looks. I’ve had a bad experience with that and i don’t want it to happen again :(.

                                                              • Dakota Graham

                                                                hi my name is Dakota im a girl, and im just 15 years old and single. looking for a reall sweet 14 to 16 year old white boy that will treat me right.the boy has to be in Chautauqua County, New York.

                                                                • mary

                                                                  hi, am mary, i want a guy who would love and who is caring and understandable. i really need to have a partner coz a can’t be alone. whoever finds me will be the luckiest guy on earth coz i don’t cheat.

                                                                  • Jessica

                                                                    Hello, my name is Jessica and i am currently 16 years old. I am going through a tough time in my life and would like to find a guy who is kind, understanding, gentle, can laugh at their mistakes, and will bring me farther in my relationship with Christ.

                                                                    • Kayla Asher

                                                                      Im 15 in half yrs old but i had a bad break up 2.Somehow I found that the guy that i was dating cheated on me and was dating a another girl and im trying to get into dating again to. i really want a guy that is funny,sweet,loving,honest to the max,cute,and nice looking.I’ve have always felt like that i was the one who had the most break ups but not really.But trust god to help me.

                                                                      • Analexis

                                                                        Hi im 17 and i just want to say i have been in a long term relationship for 3 years. So really all im looking for lis some body to talk to and of course a guy who loves god like a do…a christain because my last bf he didnt really get the christain thing andi prayed and prayed for him. But i jst got tired if getting disrespected, mistreated and just feeling sad all the time i dream fir a dream love, Real love, Special love, and i know the only way im going too get that is through a god fearing man who truly loves god. Im African American and im 5’6…and im lookin or a guy/man from 18-20…so if your inerstread plase dont hesatate to write me on my emai…

                                                                        • Leandra

                                                                          I’m 16, a hopeless romantic, apostolic girl, I love Jesus and I love to read and draw, I love videogames and rainy days. I have brown hair that turns gold in the right light, chocolaty brown eyes, and bright rosy cheeks i am hyper and crazy In a good way I love to have fun and watch movies. I make good grades when I try. My main flaw, however is that I do not find myself good looking and I’m overweight I have never had a boyfriend. I also do my best to be nice to everyone I meet. If any boys (16-17) are interested please email me at

                                                                          • Diana

                                                                            im 14 years old and im looking for a teen guy to have me in there heart forever. That wont let me down for anything no matter what. im looking for a guy of almost mii age …. im 5’6 or 5’7 sumwhur in thur..I want him to treat meh rite.. and of couse im Christian…&& I reallii want him to be respectful to me everyday ..everii nite… every minute:second ๐Ÿ™‚ God Bless…

                                                                            • Emily

                                                                              I’m interested in talking to Jack lol well I am currently 15 & I love Jesus. I’m kinda a hopeless romantic. I’m 5’10 and would love to at least make friends. God bless you please kik me @ GoGirl.

                                                                              • Sam

                                                                                I am 16, a non-denominational Christian. I am looking for a good christian girlfriend. I am 5′ 10″ with black hair, brown eyes.
                                                                                My e-mail is samf(at)mdselectronics(dot)com

                                                                                • Cody

                                                                                  My name is Cody but my friends call me Maverick. I love to surf and I live in Ohio. Now you’re probably thinking, wait theres no waves in Ohio and you’d be right. Haha. No i was born in NC and I go to my beach house and surf there every summer. I want a girl 13 or 14 that likes to surf or at least wants to try, thats nice, funny, cute, and that has God as the center of their relationship. plz respond if you want a God filled relationship with true love

                                                                                  • Peter

                                                                                    my name is Peter A . Im christian . I Love Jesus. I respect everyone. I like to talking. I like to chat. Im 18 yrs. On facebook im Peter Aur . My email is:peterbunty42@gmail.Com.. im looking for 16 to 25 girls . thank you .Jesus and God bless You …………………………. ……. Challlll

                                                                                    • Zach

                                                                                      Hey there beautiful! I am a 16 year old guy. I have hazel eyes with brown hair with blond highlights sorta (no color was out in my hair). I love God with all I am. I want to serve him no matter the cost. I am looking for a girl who loves Christ and will put him before me. A girl that I can call mine and get to worship Christ with! If you would like to talk you can email me at Just let me know that you are from this site!

                                                                                      • Clarissa

                                                                                        i think if you’re bisexual or gay you have no business calling yourself a Christian or a child of god. It says it in the bible! Read it! I’m sorry but thats the truth whether anyone likes it or not

                                                                                        • Erin

                                                                                          Hi my name is Erin and I am 15 years old. I am looking for a guy who is caring and loves God. I am also looking for a guy who doesn’t care about looks. If you are interested email me at

                                                                                          • Iana

                                                                                            Hey I am 16 and will not be 17 until next year. I have been looking and keep barking up the wrong trees lol. I am a christian SDA actually and I want to let Jesus lead me to the right person but you know sometimes it hard when you really want someone in your life. But I prayed for his help with this and I am looking for a christian Boyfriend I am 5’8 and i live in the Bahamas. I am not big on online relationships but i am willing to give it a try is you are. I do not know if i will find someone this way but does not hurt to try right. You can email me at Good day and God bless

                                                                                            • Daisy

                                                                                              Hi my name is Daisy, I’m just looking for a guy that will lead me through the right path which is God’s path.He has to love,adore,worship,and put God first before anything or anyone. I’m 16 going on 17 in two weeks. I just pray for God to show me the right guy for me.

                                                                                              • Genesis

                                                                                                Hey my name is Genesis and I’m 15 yrs old. I haven’t had the best luck finding the right one, I guess it was God’s way of telling me to slow down and wait.. The guys I have dated claimed to be Christian but they sure didn’t act like it or treat me like it.. So I took a break for a while but now I think I’m ready again ?. Somethings about me: … Hmm well why don’t you ask me and find out lol
                                                                                                Kik- pinicolada

                                                                                                • Jazmin

                                                                                                  Hi! I’m Jazmin I’m 16 and my type of guy has to be Hispanic, 16-19 bc he has to be able to understand my family/ communicate with my family and to be in conntact with my mom than with me. I want a guy who is 100% with God and is very honest/ strict (but can have fun) . A guy who is involved in everything as a Christian but doesn’t show off and shows that he is humble. A guy who encourage me to keep praying and reading the word. A guy who tells me I’m beautiful. Most of all a guy who is protective and lets me know that I cannot wear/do anything that does not please the Lord. ??

                                                                                                  • Michael Baez

                                                                                                    Hey I’m 16 and I would to get to know a cute funny girl, that is sweet, nice and wants to get to know me , I’m athletic and funny. I’m a really good listener, Please text me (501) 229-5169

                                                                                                    • Emily

                                                                                                      I’m a 15 year old girl that loves the lord and wants him at the center of a relationship. I LOVE music and kids! I am looking for a guy 15-16 years old that will motivate me and do adventurous things together. I Love to swim and I also play tennis. I am trying to meet that special someone. I am extremely patient and a good listener! Please text me if you are interested in have God at the center of your relationship.

                                                                                                      • Tim

                                                                                                        Howdy everybody, my name is Tim 17 years old. I am a catholic looking for a cute fun girl to be with 16-18 years old. I enjoy playing basketball, I also love God and try and do his will every day. I live in Wisconsin. God bless you all. Email

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