Making Room for Love-Week 1-Positive Relationship Qualities

Making Room for Love-Week 1-Positive Relationship Qualities

When it comes to dating and sex, many Christian singles struggle  or are confused when it comes to living a Godly life while waiting on God for a marriage partner. Making Room for Love, a new series at, offers biblical and practical sex  and relationship advice for both singles and married partners.

Positive Relationship Qualities-The Top 4

In today’s Christian podcast, Pastor Dave  examines the top 4 positive relationship qualities that make for a lasting and healthy relationship with your mate.

Oasis is a relevant church in NJ that just launched official services in September 2010.

Making Room for Love-Arguing Podcast

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    • Cheryl Molyneux

      Thanks for being so honest–no TMI here 🙂 I grew up in one of those homes that you might have dealt with when you worked in Social Services…I just met someone and have never had a good relationship before (divorced 7 yrs.). He says he’s a born-again Christian, but I don’t think Jesus is his favorite subject…He has been very complimentary and gracious–he seems to be a good, hardworking man–guess time will tell! Glad to know almost everyone struggles with this stuff at some point…I knew I would get around to listening to these–must be time! Wish I lived closer–I think I would love to come to your church–sounds like you have a real pastor’s heart :-)) Thanks! Cheryl (your direction finder in Hunterdon County!)

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