Praying for a Christian Soul Mate

Praying for a Christian Soul Mate

Do you ever pray to God fr a job, a  Christian soulmate or for any other reason, and feel that he is not answering your prayers? I know one Christian single girl who has waited  to date Mr Right for over 20 years, and feels at this point that God will NEVER answer her. Well, if you feel like her at times, this week’s NJ Church podcast from will help you. Pastor Dave Butler goes over four principles to remember when praying  that will help you in your prayer life.

NJ NonDenominational Church Worship Service

Oasis operates as a NJ Non-Denominational Christian Church, so if you are looking for a nondenominational NJ worship service the church meets at its awesome new location at Hotel 304 West  on RT 22 W in Sprigfield, NJ

Encouraging Bible Verses For Single Christians

Take a Leap of Faith

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