Questions to Ask in a Christian Dating Relationship

Questions to Ask in a Christian Dating Relationship

Questions to Ask in a Christian Dating Relationship
Questions to Ask in a Christian Dating Relationship

If you are a single Christian, you may be wondering what questions to ask in a Christian dating relationship. Navigating the dating landscape can be daunting, especially when faith is at the center of your life. For Christian singles, dating isn’t just about finding someone you’re attracted to; it’s about finding a partner who shares your core values and beliefs. To ensure your relationship has a firm foundation, there are certain questions that can guide your discussions and help determine if you’re on the same spiritual path. Here are some essential questions to ask in a Christian dating relationship:

Most Important Questions to ask in a Christian dating relationship

1. How Do You Define Your Relationship with God? Understanding your partner’s spiritual journey is paramount. Ask about their testimony, how they came to know God, and how they nurture their relationship with Him. This question will give you insights into their spiritual maturity and commitment.

2. What Role Does Prayer Play in Your Life? Prayer is the backbone of a Christian’s daily walk with God. Discussing prayer habits, such as how often they pray or if they have a specific prayer routine, can provide a glimpse into how central God is in their life.

3. How Do You View Church Involvement? Church isn’t just a place to worship; it’s a community. Asking about their involvement can help you understand their commitment to service, fellowship, and spiritual growth.

4. What Do You Believe About Biblical Roles in a Relationship? The Bible has specific teachings about roles in a marital relationship. It’s essential to know whether both of you share similar beliefs about headship, submission, and partnership to avoid potential disagreements down the line.

5. How Do You Approach Finances Biblically? Money can be a contentious issue in relationships. Discussing tithing, saving, spending, and financial goals from a biblical perspective can ensure you’re both on the same page.

6. What Are Your Boundaries Regarding Physical Intimacy? Physical boundaries are crucial, especially in Christian dating. Discuss what you both believe is appropriate before marriage and ensure you respect each other’s convictions.

7. How Do You Handle Conflict and Forgiveness? Understanding how your potential partner deals with disagreements and whether they’re quick to forgive is essential for long-term harmony.

8. What Are Your Views on Family and Children? Whether it’s the number of children you wish to have, adoption, or views on parenting, it’s vital to discuss these topics early on.

9. How Do You Intend to Prioritize God in Your Relationship? God should be the foundation of any Christian relationship. Discussing how you’ll both maintain a Christ-centered relationship is essential.

10. What Are Your Long-Term Goals and Calling? As Christians, we believe that God has a purpose for our lives. Understanding each other’s goals, both personally and as a couple, can ensure you’re moving in the same direction.

The Importance of Open Communication

As a Christian single, it’s essential to approach dating with prayer and wisdom. While it’s exciting to get to know someone new, it’s also vital to prioritize your faith and values. These questions, while not exhaustive, can serve as a foundation for understanding each other better.

Remember, the purpose of dating is to discern if this person is the right partner for a lifelong commitment. Transparent communication is critical. While some questions might seem challenging to discuss, addressing them head-on can help in building a relationship anchored in trust, understanding, and shared beliefs.


Entering into a Christian dating relationship is a journey of discovery – about the other person, about yourself, and about how the two of you fit together in God’s grand plan. By posing these thoughtful questions, you’re not just getting answers. You’re paving the way for deep, meaningful conversations that can strengthen your bond and bring clarity to your relationship. And as always, let every decision and discussion be guided by prayer, seeking God’s wisdom and direction at every step.


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