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Rebound Relationships Dating Advice

What exactly is a rebound relationship or dating on the rebound? Rebound relationship dating is an intense dating relationship that begins very soon after a long-term relationship goes south. As one experienced single person described it: “A rebound relationship is kinda like jumping from one moving train to another. There’s no time for thinking about what you are about to do. Rebound dating is both exciting and dangerous at the same time.” Now that sounds intense!

The fact is, rebound relationships get bad marks from most single women and men who have tried them. The reason is that instead of being that perfect medicine for mending a broken heart, most rebound relationships fail, and consequently cause more pain for both dating partners.

If you are in a rebound dating relationship now, or just thinking about entering one, consider the following dating advice tips in order to protect yourself:

Rebound Relationship Advice for Those Dating on the Rebound

Rebound Relationships Tip 1: Only Fools Rush In

Ending one relationship and rebounding immediately into the next one, is not healthy for you, or fair to the other person. The reason for this is that you need time to grieve and heal before truly being emotionally ready for a new person.

While it’s natural to feel vulnerable and needy immediately after a breakup or divorce, fight the temptation to rebound so quickly into a new dating situation. It may dull your pain, but slow your healing.

Instead, take this time to evaluate what went wrong in the previous relationship, and think about how you can improve yourself for the next.

Rebound Relationships Tip 2: Get Counsel and Accountability

Before taking the plunge into a rebound relationship, get wise counsel from people who know and love you, and who can keep you accountable to making sound judgements.

Unfortunately, people involved in rebound relationships often seek a “quick fix” for their pain and damaged self-esteem. This leaves the rebound dater open for sexual and emotional manipulation by unsavory types who actually prey on the broken hearted.

Another problem with dating on the rebound is that people who do this tend to seek out the same type of person in the previous relationship, which predictably ends with the same results. That’s why it’s important to have several people who can help keep you centered during your healing process.

Rebound Relationship Advice for the Person Dating the Rebounder

Know the Odds

If you’re looking for a long-term commitment, dating in a rebound relationship is definitely not the thing to do. We counsel against entering a dating relationship with someone you know who:

  • Has been out of their previous relationship less than a year
  • Has shown by their words and behavior that they are not over their previous relationship

If you are dating a rebounder as decribed above, the chances are great that you a just a “transitory” person. Once the rebounder in the rebound relationship emotionally heals, they usually end up leaving the other person.

Don’t Let your Guard Down

This is usually not good advice, especially if you are attempting to build an emotionally intimate friendship. However, for your own protection, take it very slow with the rebounder, honestly explaining to him or her that you do not want to be a rebound relationship statistic.

This will take lots of self-control because rebound daters are very needy people who will attempt to fill the void, and blunt the pain in their lives by getting real close, real soon. Don’t take the bait, and save yourself much pain.

If you are a single person, feel free to share your experiences with rebound relationships

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  1. loislane

    My “boyfriend” keeps dating me after our rebound relationship, which lasted for a month. He started to chase me 2 months after breaking up with his ex, and 4 months later when he was able to be around her, he told me we should stop our relationship. Even after, he keeps dating me and saying he loves me, but just can’t give a committment. I’m wondering… how many of you have dated with the same person after the rebound relationship? Or am I still in a rebound? Or is it a rebound that’s about to work out?

  2. David Butler (Author)

    Dear Lois:

    Thanks for the comment. I feel the anguish in your response, and I am sorry you are going through this.
    In all honesty, it sounds like this guy wants two chickens in his coop, and is using BOTH of you. Do you really want this kind of guy?
    Anyway, we will be praying for you, as you make your decision.

  3. Amy London

    I am involved with a man for the second time(our first relationship ended about 3 years ago). His last relationship ended about 2 months ago. I know he is emotionally not ready for any kind of commitment (even though my feelings from the previous relationship we had are now begining to resurface) Things got really complicated when on evening of talking as friends ended in sex. I am keep telling him that he is not ready for this and he agrees but he dosent understand why I am upset about having sex that one time when we both agree it was a mistake. My reason is that I still have feelings for him and I dont think it is the right time to tell him that. Am I right in thinking that those feelings should be kept to myself until he is emitionally ready to handle it?

  4. ginachoi

    I was dating and living in with a man for a year and a half. I got pregnant and he totally changed his colors once I did! He kept whining to close friends how he was the victim in our relationship. And from that hehis got his closest girl friend always ‘consoling’ him and flirting with him at my 7th month of pregnancy. Once I gave birth, he dumped me and started treating me coldly and dating around. Two months after, he ended up going steady with his close friend (who used to flirt with him while I was pregnant). Dont get me wrong, after all that has happened, I do not want him back. But I sure hope he is in a rebound relationship! Because it so hurts to think that what he felt for me before was so easily replaced considering we have a child. =(

  5. David Butler (Author)

    Amy….Please do yourself a favor and stay as far away from this immoral man as possible…He’s just using you for sex…You can and will do better as you trust the Lord…


    We are praying for you and your baby..If you need a referral to a single parent/ Christian singles group…we will gladly to that for you…You can reach our counselors through our e-mail address on this site..Jesus will never leave you or forsake you…even if men do at times..

  6. Penny

    I am wondering if it is possible to reunite with a rebounder after you have been let go. I expereinced a very intense relationship for 2 and 1/2 months. This was a guy that I had known from my past. He had recently had gotten out of an unhealthy relationship with his long time girlfriend and didn’t have time to heal. We got together as friends, we had an immediate connection and it felt as if we had known each other for years. I was everything his ex-girlfriend wasn’t. I am sweet, refined and emotionally giving. I felt we were meant to be together, but then the relationship became intense as he became needy, and we moved way too fast. I was there for him to help him recover from a recent on the job injury. He professed his love for me when actually I realize it must have been a transfer of feelings for the other women. I feel so used. I wonder if he really did have feelings for me. I was so naive and trusted him. He called me last week to tell me he would not be coming over anymore and gave me all kinds of excuses from health to finances. He then sent me an email the next day telling me what he professed as the truth, which was that he still had feeligs fro his ex-girlfriend. I realize he needs a lot of time to heal and be by himself, but I still wonder if there is any chance he would have a change of heart in the future. I guess only the Lord knows…..

  7. David Butler (Author)


    Please, please save yourself the pain and stay away from this rebounder..You are sweet, but this guy used you as a rebound date. Please consider hooking in with a Christian singles group for support.

  8. Oncebittentwice shy

    It’s funny how you don’t hear from certain people until a crisis has happened and they feel that because your a nice person you’ll be there to lick their wounds while its emotionally draining for you they are feeding off of your kindness and if your not careful after they have used you for their own selfish purposes your left to lick your own wounds. Be very careful of rebounders and those people who just use you such as friends when their relationship goes sour and they need sumone to hang with until they resume their relationship again and you can’t hear from them until such another crisis.

  9. David Butler (Author)

    Once Bitten:

    Too true, too true..But are we not we like that with our relationship with the Lord? What you say is true tho. Rebound relationships and rebound dater can be emotionally draining

  10. Tara

    My boyfriend of 3 1/2 years told me 1 1/2 motns ago that he needed “time”. This time he said he needed was to be by himself, and take care of him. 2 weeks after I moved out and tried to heal, I saw him driving on his birthday with another woman in his truck. I think he knew I saw him because he called me 30 seconds later. I asked him “what am I supposed to think?” He said that he wouldn’t be calling if he was on a date. I just left it. He continued to tell me that this girl was just a friend. Then he started to inflate her importance to get a rise out of me. It didn’t work. I told him one day “You have to love yourself before you can love me or anyone else.” He was before twisting and distorting things I would say. HE will not address his issues, and if he’s lying about her, then he is lying to himself too. Me, when I’m in love, People know. I saw him recently, and he doesn’t look any better or happpier since he broke up with me. So he can go have his “friend”. The result will be predictable as he refuses to realize that what he’s “looking for” is within himself, and if he can’t determine that, he will be a very lost individual leaving a trail of unsuccessful relationships behind. The pattern will not change.

  11. puddinpie

    Rebound relationships don’t work. I was friends with a man for five years. He is in the process of divorce. I needed financial help, rented him a room. He started talking about a relationship with me first. We dated as friends, now sex at first. When he moved in, he claimed that he knew what he wanted, and that was to marry me. I told him he wasn’t ready. Unfortunately, we had sex. Now, he goes back and forth about his feelings for me. He said that he loves me, but not enough for him to marry me. I would make a good wife for some man, but not for him. The first time he hurt me with his words, I foolishly let him back into my heart. After sex, we always go back to him just wanting to love me, but not make any commitments. I could kick myself for being so stupid. If I didn’t need his financial help, his rent, I would tell him to leave. I know what we have done was wrong in the eyes of God. Especially since we are professing Christians. I was alone for four years, after my divorce. I didn’t date, and thought I could trust him since he was my friend for so long. Now he attacks my character, and says that we are not compatible after saying that we have so much in common. I feel used and emotionally abuse in some ways. But I lost my job, only work part time, and need help. I don’t want to lose my home, I have to live somewhere. I am more angry with myself, for he told me after telling me he loved me, that he didn’t. I let him talk his way back into my heart. We are very good together as friends. But I want for him to leave and I don’t know what to do. I am hard of hearing and it is hard to get a decent paying job. I only work part time, and it is very frustrating. I feel like I let satan in instead of a friend. Sometimes he can be cruel with his so called honesty about how he feels. It hurts really bad. I told him that I don’t trust his mind or his emotions. This is in response to his telling me that I don’t trust him. No I don’t. I am ashamed of hurting God with my weakness. I am ashamed that I wasn’t strong enough to not let myself get into this rebound situation. Please pray for me. Thanks.

  12. Angie

    I have a dear friend that has been dating a woman who just left her husband a month ago. He has known her for no more than 4months. She has taken over some of his bills (and vice versa) and has just jump right into helping with his kids etc. She still has not introduced her daughter to him or his kids,for fear of messing up the agreement for her divorce.I can’t get him to understand the danger.They both believe they are sent together by God. I try to tell him it can not be of God, she is not even divorced.
    The hardest part of this for me is he is my ex-husband of 2 years and his kids are mine. I am so afraid for my kids!

  13. Les


    My problem is my ex-girlfriend is now dating a rebound guy (I think).

    I know there is a lot of love still between us but too much pain from 2 very tumultuous years.

    She wants to maintain contact.

    I just want to find out how to get her back. And what to do with this guy?

  14. Loan

    I’ve just recently walked out on my two and a half year relationship with this guy who is demanding, controlling and cheats on me. And now he is telling his family and new girlfriend that he dumped me which is not true. I also know he is dating someone else to get revenge and is on a rebound. He has also started calling me names behind my back, making things up about me and making out like i was the one who ruined the relationship. He has also physically abused me in the past which is the main reason why i left. What are is intentions for doing this? Is he trying to hurt me by saying these things or trying to act like he doesn’t care that the relationship turned sour in fron of everyone elose? The thing that upsets me most is the fact he can make things up about the person who he claims ‘he loves.’And when his rebound relationship ends will he realise what a mistake his made or force himself into another rebound relationship with the next victim? And with his past behaviour with me while we were together, would his new girlfriend go through the same thing once his mask falls off?

  15. Cee

    I was in a relationship with a woman for 3 years, we broke up and 3 months later she ws engaged to be married to a old acquaintance and co-worker. I recently spoke to her and she told me that she regretted getting into this relationship so quickly because it was done based on being emotional and lonely. She also has stated to me that he cannot do what I can do in and out of the bedroom, I asked her if she regrets not being with me, misses me greatly loves me dearly, and is not being sexually fulfilled. She stated to me that her situation is kinda complex. She said that she would tough it out and make it work at this point and she just cannot drop this guy because he has not done anything to get dumped over. She told me that she wants to maintain contact with me and if anything in her situaion changes I will be the first to know. How should I handle this situation?

  16. grace

    Get rid of her. She made her bed now she has to lie in it. She only is keeping you around as a “safety net,” just in case she ever finds herself single again. Trust me breakups are hard and take time and goingthrough a lot of pain. If you have worked so hard to move past it cut her loose and join a singles club. life’s too short to hang aroung waiting to be somebody else’s leftovers!

  17. linda

    About one year ago, I went through a pretty bad divorce. I was upset about it for a long time, but feel like I might be getting better. All of my friends tell me I should get out there and date on Christian Mingle some of them even have offered to fix me up, but…I just don’t know if I’m ready. How do I know when the time is right?

  18. Carol

    I am in the middle of divorce with my husband of 8 yrs. Well when we separated, I met a man who was still married. We have been practically living together for 5 months now and we have both said we love each other. He says he really loves me. I told him he needs to start the process of divorce. He and his wife have been seperated for over 2 yrs, and she is from another country. So divorce is complicated.

    This is a very crazy relationship…he asked me in the beginning if he was a rebound for me…I told him no…he said he just wanted to make sure…I do love him! I am Christian and have told him this and he accepts this…I feel we are now at a point where something needs to change..I spend a lot of time with him separate from my daughter. When we first met he wanted to do things with me and her but I said no because I was protecting her and had fear of my husband getting custody. He says he knows my daughter is part of this relationship and wants to get to know her…but he hasn’t yet (although he has met her once..Is he just scared? He treats me like a queen but what about my daughter?

  19. David Butler (Author)

    Dear Carol:

    I’m not politically correct so let’s get straight to the point. Rebound relationship or not, you are both still married, so basically you are in an adulterous relationship with a non Christian. God simply won’t bless this this mess. You really need to get out for the sake of your your daughter and your spiritual and emotional well being. We are praying for you.


  20. Bebe

    Alright I don’t know why I am feeling certain things but I know what I am feeling is true….I am getting out of a 4 year marriage that ended very sour and I have cooped with it already and I have no feelings what so ever for my ex-husband…So I have been talking to guys and dating again which it has been three months since we have separated and I am so much happier and my life is coming together wonderfully…So I started to date this guy and we have been dating for about 2 months and I have extremely strong feelings for him and I told him I loved him…which I probably should have kept that to myself but I am a straight forward person…and I know that he is falling in love too…now he is scared of being a rebound…should I be scared of that because this doesn’t at all seem like it…I just need some input..

  21. sarah

    I have been split from a man who I had been with for over two years. Looking back at first he wanted to marry me although he was still coming out of a relationship (his ex was still living with him until she could move into her own house). I refused his proposal, but we continued to have a loving relationship for another two years. Sadly however he also had mental issues, and would often get depressed and be volatile and when like this he was very difficult to be with and this did put a strain on us.

    However he split from me a couple of months ago, and although reckoned he was not with someone else at the time is now engaged to another woman. However, I know the reason we split was more to do with the fact that I did not want a future with him and never wanted to marry him. We were still very much in love (at least I thought I we were) a month before the split, and feel that he needs to be someone and can’t be alone. This woman he is now engaged to has two young children too (he doesn’t like children and never wanted them and always made nasty comments if children were around and noisy in public places).

    I just feel that he is so on the rebound and this poor single mom with children aged 4 and 6 is now engaged to him within at most 6 weeks of being with him.

    I am just feeling kinda strange about it all, and then I read this artical on rebound relationships and figured he must be on the rebound, because it all seems just too soon and for someone who doesn’t even like children, well I wonder what kind of a stepdad he will be. I feel sorry for her, and relieved I am out of it.

    Thanks for the artical I can really see how much better off I am without him.

  22. Maddison

    I was in a relationship for one month shy of 22 years. I finally had enough, and moved out, in the last year and a half he can not find a place to live, so he occasionally stays here. This has been going on for 1 year and half. My head say let it go my heart say something different.
    He tried church and it worked for a few months, I see all the old things commng back up.

  23. Katherine

    I just got out of a 4 year relationship. Before that both of us were also good friends. During the relationship we were very close, in spite many implications like he is a dropout and he is going through a 2 year army national service, i stuck by him. I was at fault too for the break up, in spite being loving i took him for granted, i used breaking up to motivate him to continue his studies. And sometimes i was even confused if i love him at all and i was extremely frustrated with his laid backness. Now that I lost him, i realised i love him beyond description. However just two weeks after our breakup he found another girl. I was so heartbroken. What should i do?

  24. George

    My “fiance” of 5 years just gave me the boot, after “us” planning things very carefully or so I thought. I gave my all to this woman and within two weeks or at least that is what she told me – she was already involved in another relationship that I’m being told was going on all the time. Although I still care for this person, how can one be so “wicked” with deceit and not even care about the damage she inflicted? How does one get over 5 years just like that? Yes, I’ve accepted that it’s over but the pain and the hurt, besides feelings of being used – my manhood took a big hit and left me looking like and feeling like a fool.

  25. David Butler (Author)


    You need closure. If you don’t contact him one more time, you will always wonder. Knowing the truth once an for all will help you move on with your life.


    Sister, you need to let go for your own sanity. Rest in the Lord….


    I am so sorry..I have been there..We are praying for you

  26. Charlie

    I disagree with this article. I do think that there are rebounders who do date just to heal the pain, but then there are people like me. I dated a guy for 2 years. Our relationship was rocky and we’d broken up many times over the course of those years. Finally I’d had enough, and walked away. I knew the relationship wouldn’t work any longer. Three weeks later I started dating a long time friend. Everyone I know was falbergasted. No one believes that I’m not rebounding. I don’t feel any pain from my other relationship. It was just time for to end; we were both fooling ourselves and I’m glad I had the good sense to leave, howevver everyone believes that I’m just trying to heal some imaginary pain. I love my new boyfriend very much. I’m not thinking about the long run right now but I am not afraid to go there. I just don’t want everyone’s relationship being labeled as harmful simply because we fit the profile.

  27. ka

    Hello Everyone,
    I am scared to type this…I was in a rebound relationship for 3 and 1/2 years we got engaged about 2 or 3 months after we met….We continued to have a toxic tumouluscious relationship. He ended it this past March. He would email me and text me…He would take me out to dinner and tell me he loved me but was confused. I let him suck me back in with hopes of returning as a couple. We went away for two days and had a nice time…about two weeks later something didn’t feel right and I know he was heading on a date and lying…I know he wasn’t my boyfriend, but we just slept together ***Which he used me**** He now has a new girlfriend….I keep thinking he is going to marry her and I was the transitional gal…

  28. Paro

    I want to know if I was a rebound?
    HA was in a committed relationship for two years. They broke up in February 2006.
    HA and I were just friends and really enjoyed spending time together.
    Then in July HA got together with a girl she was friends with. She went to visit him in his house and they had sex. Then he told her that a relationship with her is not working.
    He told the story to me and said that she was a rebound. Then he wrote me a love letter and said that he is truly in love with me. I believed in him. We go to start dating. Then he usually talked about hi ex. He even used some of her belongings in front of me. Hidden from me, he usually looked at her pictures and wrote about her. Still I was thinking that he is in love with me.
    After being together for less than two months, he went to some parties that he knew I would not go to. There he drunk, danced and met new people.
    His strange behavior started brothering me. Although he is my first love and the first one I ever kissed. I felt a lot for him.
    Finally I decided to end the relationship. I knew it would not last and the longer I stay the more I get attached to him and the more it will hurt to break up. We broke up and he was saying that he was really sad about it. He wanted to at least stay friends. We are in the same college.
    Then two days after break up, he got together with another person and it is a month they are dating now. Their relationship is mostly just sleeping together. He tells me that he wants to distract himself from me and I do not want to be with him anymore that is why he is in this relation. He still wants to stay friends with me, calls me , and writes to me.
    Was I a rebound or the one before and after me? I am confused who is his real love and who is rebounder? That effects my decision of if I stay friends with him or not?

  29. Kara

    I was seeing my ex (guy) for about a year. We’ve been friends for about 5. Crossed a couple of boundaries that we should not have but we talked and prayed over it so it was addressed. Then my ex got married (ie: he started dating less than a month after breaking up with me saying “I’m not looking for a committed relationship”) within a year of our break up. Now they’re expecting a baby. I see them every week at church and I feel like I am being ripped to shreds every week. Why am I so alone and in pain after so long? When will I stop feeling sick. Any helpful ideas?

  30. David Butler (Author)

    Dear Kara:

    Your pain just oozes from this letter, and we feel for you. Of course, we are certainly praying for you as well. Time CAN heal all wounds, but not if the object of your pain is staring you in the face every Sunday. Have you thought about changing churches?

    Secondly, even through tears, cling to Jesus and the promises that you also have a hope and a future in Him.

    Thirdly, Take your mind off this burden by pouring yourself into helping others. That’s an amazing therapy in and of itself.

    Lastly,Christian counseling can help you along in the grieving and healing process.We have links on our site it interested.

    Please keep in touch.

  31. David Butler (Author)


    Thanks for your transparent sharing. We are praying for you. I do know one thing from reading most entries:If we save our sex lives for marriage, there will be less pain.

  32. ka

    You are so right. I am an emotional mess. I find myself crying and crying…Some days it is all I can do to make it through the day……..

  33. Jean

    Speaking of Rebound relationships, I was matched on eHarmony with a man that was not honest with them or myself. He was the ex Chief of Police in a wealthy community and an upstanding citizen, but had not gone through divorce proceedings after the 3rd time of leaving his wife. I initially fell head over heels due to the fact that we had so many common denominators that it was uncanny. The bottom line was that I was his rebound. He got angry when I suggested that may be the case, but when I finally stated the fact that he was still ‘married’ he disappeared completely, without a trace and without a thought to my feelings. It took awhile to recover from being emotionally used. In the long run, I know that I made the right decision early into a lopsided relationship. It hurts to be ‘right’ sometimes, but better to recover from minor injury of a rebound dating relationship compared to the alternative…

  34. Sanity Check

    regarding rebound relationshipa, Sanity check, please! My boyfriend and I are “serious”, i.e., exchange I Love You’s, and it appeared clear that we’ve embarked on what could be a very long and happy relationship. He’s wonderful (with 1 exception).

    Here’s the thing. We’re both divorced. Me many years and he only 5 mos (separated 1 yr before). His ex calls him often, and often times the calls have nothing to do with his son. I don’t ask him what they talk about (I often walk away so I don’t seem nosey), so I can’t give specifics. He does misc favors for her, too, which have nothing to do with the child.

    What’s more, recently he and I were snuggling on the couch, watching tv, and she called. I imagine she asked “what are you doing”, because his first word (post-“hey there”) was “nothing”. Then, we went into the other room and talked in whispers. It upset me and he picked up on it. He asked to talk about it (good sign) and I explained my concern was with him telling her he was doing “nothing” (rather than “[My name] and I are watching a movie”) and then trying to talk so I could not hear. He said “[he doesn’t] want to hurt her feelings”.

    Before this, he told me that he truly believed that she was “the love of [his] life” for last 20 years. If she were a lesser ex, I don’t think it would bother me so much. But between the “love of my life” comment, the child (which he absolutely adores) and the fact a new girlfriend makes an ex-husband far more appealing, I’m struggling.

    So, my questions are: How much contact with the ex is too much contact? And why can’t he be honest with her about his new relationship? My personal opinion is that, if you intend to have a successful new relationship, the feelings of your partner should be paramount to the feelings of your ex (consideration given to the relationship for the sake of the child). If our relationship hurts her feelings, so be it. Right?

  35. David Butler (Author)

    Dear Sanity Check..This is hard to say, but you are in a rebound relationship. It’s too fresh for him and you are in danger of getting hurt. We suggest separating for a time until he gets his life together. Dating after divorce is tough enough without dealing with a rebound dater.

  36. Kenneth

    Regarding rebound relationships I guess I am trying to pick up the pieces of myself right now. I was in what I thought was a serious relationship (not a rebound relationship) with a girl who I really loved for 1 yr. She just came off a 17 yr marriage in which he was cheating on her. Well you guessed it, as we approached a year, she dumped me. I was devastated. Still am for the matter. I realize there is nothing i can do. I let my heart open to disappointment. But, what’s funny is, she is now seeing someone else already not even a month after we broke up. So is there a pattern here? Can someone really be healed from what i gave her and ready for another love that quick? Or is she rebounding off my rebound? Do I stop any type of contact and seem mean? Thanks for any shared thoughts. I am writing this from my heart that has been bruised. I need the strength of God and friends to move on.

  37. Sarah

    OK about rebound relationships my ex-fiance and I dated for 3.5 years and broke up in July. I met my new bf in November and now we are in love. I dated a couple of people shortly after my ex and I broke up but nothing serious. My new bf and I are getting more and more serious and I don’t this to be a rebound relationship. It’s not that I am afraid of being alone-I actually enjoyed being single and dating around for awhile but then I met my boyfriend and he is simply everything I ever wanted. How do I prevent us from being another rebound statistic?

  38. stacey

    Hi well right now i think im a rebound relationship because i still have feelings for my ex, and also my current boyfriend has feelings for me too, but people say im using him in this rebound relationship to get over my previous relationship but im not.

  39. Christina

    In regard to rebound relationships I had a long-term relationship with a Deacon. I lost my virginity to him after his repeated pressuring. He left me after a year, because he said he “just had a feeling” that our rebound relationship “was not meant to be.” Of course, that did not stop him from calling me at night, and sleeping with me post-breakup. I just found out a few days ago that he started seeing a twenty-year old girl who works at a fast food restaurant. Throughout our post-breakup get-togethers (rebound relationships) he always told me there was no one else he was with… but now I know that he was seeing that girl just a few days after he left me. I feel so stupid for believing his lies.

    Part of me wants to tell his church about the real kind of person he is. But he always tells me that no one will believe me, and they’ll just think I’m a psycho ex-girlfriend. I probably won’t ever say anything, because I’m worried that it would be more out of vengeance than concern, anyway.

  40. Krista

    In regard to rebound dating relationships, I have been dating a guy for over 2 years, we are both Christians we met a hospital fundraiser a few months after he had been through a divorce. The only problem I have is the fact that he will mention something his ex did to him that was very mean, or talk about how she had affairs, etc. I usually just let it go and after he mentions it – he lets it go. A few nights ago, he said something again; I told him it upset me and he just looked at me and didn’t say a word. I quietly left and went home. The next day I talked with his mom and she already knew what happened because he called her. She told him that he needs to let the past go or let me go. He talks about marriage sometimes and then other times he says he isn’t going to marry ever again. Three days have passed since that night and we yet to speak. It’s like all the sudden it’s over. He told his mom that he loves me but he doesn’t want to be married again. What do I do? – am I a rebound?? Do I give him some time? Or do I move on?

  41. Wendy

    Regarding rebound dating relationships, I just got out of a almost 3 year relationship. I had to leave the relationship because some of my needs were not being met. I’m a little hurt sure. I know its only going to take me about 2 months to get “over” this. Over all the relationship was great compared to all the others and we are friends.

    Now I do like a guy that I meet not to long ago. But in no way are we serious. At least not yet. We have a lot in common and I dont want this to be a rebound dating relationshp, and I’m sure it wont be.I have been in rebound relationships before and everything moves way to fast.

  42. kel

    In regard to rebound relationships, I dated this guy for about 8 months. He was in a 5 year relationship and we started dating 6 months after. I had been in an awful relationship with my son’s father and ended it 2 months before him and i met. My son’s father verbally and physically abused me. When the new guy and I started dating he talked about his ex a lot. She also would drop by his house saying they are just really good friends now. She has a boyfriend and I was there when she stopped by. Everything was fine in the start. He worked out of town a lot so we only really seen each other when he was in. I realized I was starting to neglect my parental responsabilities. He drank almost every night he was in and i drank along with him. In the end everyting was my fault and even after we broke up. He hardly ever called me only texted me. I started getting it together, started picking upo the pieces. After we broke up i was an emotional mess trying to contact him. He started believing things one of his friends were telling him, so he text me telling me I’m such a liar and I need to stop being messy and lying. I pretty much figured this was a rebound relationship for both of us. When they start shift blaming saying its your fault you fault all you can do is walk away. You dont want to end up like that. Walk away with some pride and worry about you!

  43. Richie

    In regard to rebound relationships, how do you pray for someone that is victim to lies and manipulation. my fiancee got confused, conflicted over marriage in general and a guy she works with. she told me about it and told me she needed space, i accepted that expecting her to come around. my exwife got a hold of her and told her a bunch of lies about me. my now ex-fiancee will have nothing to do with me and is with the other guy. he is an emotional predator and used manipulation to get her attention in the first place

    we did go fast, but i’m not sure this is a rebound dating relationship since we were friends from the past. there was chemistry then but we were so young. when i got back in touch with her she was living with a guy. she said that the relationship was emotionally dead for months and she just didn’t have a reason to ask him to leave, they were living as roommates in separate rooms.

  44. Tara

    I just got out of an almost 4 yr relationship. The guy is my best friend and we still hang out and have sex occasionally. 1 week after we broke up he decided to talk to another girl, and they got really close really quick, but me and this guy are still having sex, do you think that i should warn the girl about what is going on? or leave it be?

  45. Zafod

    Wow you so called christians have very loose morality, you’re all fooling around without being married. I guess that is what Jesus meant in Matthew 15:8 “This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.”

  46. thalan

    In regard to rebound dating relationships, I sat here and read everyone comments. All I can say is I finally found people who understand where I come from. For some reason guys who are the rebound are attracted to me. They date me for a while and they either end back with their girlfriend or find someone else. I really don’t deserve this!!!I’ m a good person who is looking for love as well and I’m so tried of having my heart broken by selfish men who are only looking oout for their needs and not thinking how it will effect other people. I just wish for once that someone will take me seriously instead of view me as just a friend.

  47. Insanity

    In regard to rebound dating relationships, I was in a 9 year relationship and found out my ex had cheated on me once while drunk. He didn’t tell me about it for a long time, but I couldn’t forgive him and we separated. While we were separated, I started hanging out with a guy from work, and things got serious. I got a divorce and soon after, I got remarried. Now I keep thinking I have wronged my ex, that I should have been there for him, and that I don’t know what I am doing. I love my husband, but at times my love for my ex outweighs that love. I know that my husband loves me very much, and is afraid that I am going to leave him, and at this point I have thought about it so much that I have a hard time believing myself when I tell him I am not going anywhere. He has done nothing wrong except for wanting to be with me and to love me, and all I can do is think of my ex and how much I still love him. I don’t know what to do, and wish desperately that I had not opened the door to a relationship until I was ready. At the time I felt that God was bringing us together to heal my hurt over my ex, but now I am not sure at all that I have done the right thing.

  48. sally

    i went out with my ex boyfriend for 4 and a half years from the time i was 17-21. I loved him very much and he loved me very much. He tried his best but addiction got the hold of him and he could not put in the effort required to maintain a good relationship. Also being very young he was influenced by those other males around him and how they were living their lives (mostly all were single) he cheated on me and covered it up for 3 months until i eventually found out. I dumped him and went through the most pain i have ever experienced in my life. I was physically ill, could not eat and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I ended up moving out with one of his close friends and another couple of friends. Everything was innocent enough at first but it grw into a sexual relationship and then into a serious relationship. we have been dating for 4 months. I have read all of your comments and i am really stuck as to what to do in my situation..the boy im with now is caring, loving, understanding, he would do anything for me, he gives me security and we are nesting now-just like I wanted with my other boyfriend but he could not give me that. do you think i am doing the wrong thing? we both have lost many friends over us being together. however i feel us as a couple are very well suited and we share the same common goals in life. he is someone i picture myself marrying and he says the same thing to me. however….i still think about my ex. even though he hurt me so much we were together for so long and he still is in contact trying to get me away from my current boyfriend. i dont want to hurt either of them-or myself.

  49. AfricanQueen

    Rebound relationships are never good. I once fell in that trap with a childhood friend who had started asking me out when I was around 15 years and when I was 21 and just had my second baby he started to show interest again. Because I just came out of a painful relationship with the father of my kids, he didn’t have to convince me much. I visited him and unfortunately we had sex; shameful was the fact that it was my first visit to him. A few days after that it was New Years Eve of 2006, his girlfriend rocked up at his place where we had a party with friends. It was a chaotic outcome, she screamed at him and also approached me but not volently. However, she told me all the ins and outs of their relationship. It was a painful realisation that I was nothing but another one of his sex objects. However I thanked God that he watched over me that night because we had planned to have sex again on that night.
    I also realise that I didn’t feel anything for that man, all I wanted was to feel loved and needed after the heartbreak I had experienced. I have forgiven him even though we just went seperate ways without discussing what had happened, i guess deep down we both know it was just a big mistake.
    We still hang around the same group of friends since we are all childhood friends and somehow we’ve both managed to not act akward around each other because of what happened.


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