Relationship Break Ups

Relationship Break Ups

Believe it or not, instead of dating issues the topic of relationship break ups takes up most of the mail we receive at Christian Dating Service Plus! I guess the reason for this is that relationship break ups are one of the most painful experiences to endure, right up there with unrequited love.

The fact is, relationship breakups cause lots of heartbreak, even when we know it wasn’t a healthy relationship and we probably should have dumped it a while back. Why do relationship breakups cause so much pain? It’s simple. Whenever we invest our time, money and heart into someone it turns into major disappointment if a relationship breakup occurs.

Relationship Break Ups cause singles to grieve loss in a number of ways:

  • A relationship break up means loss of friendship
  • A relationship break up involves loss of a vision of “things that could have been”
  • A relationship break up could entail loss of self esteem

Overall, no one should go through the break up of a serious relationship without help.

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