Relationship Compatibility Test for Christian Singles

Relationship Compatibility Test for Christian Singles

Compatibility Relationship TestLately I’ve been reading about the relationship compatibility test.  Just Google “relationship compatibility test” and you will get hundreds of sites where you can take a test. While most of these relationship compatibility love tests are bogus, there a few interests ones out there that test dating couple on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels

Relationship Compatibility Test Podcast

Many Christian singles write to us wondering what makes for a good Christian dating relationship. The answer in a word is: COMPATIBILITY. While men and women definitely look at things differently, without it many couples, whether dating or married, will not stand the test of time.

What makes for a compatible relationship? In today’s relationship compatibility test podcast, Pastor Tim Lucas of in  NJ, discusses how male and female can live and thrive together. If you have any comments about relationship compatibility tests, we’d love to hear them.


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    • Rocky

      I totally agree that most of the quizzes and tests out there are junk. Well some of them are meant to be lighthearted and fun, and there is nothing wrong with that. I’m interested to take your test to see what it’s all about. I have developed one also that really gets you to sit down and think about compatibility. It is realistic and interesting, and I invite you to give it a shot if you’re interested. And of course it is free. Thanks and best wishes!

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