Relationship Problems of Christian Singles

Relationship Problems of Christian Singles

Relationship problems do not only exist among those outside of the church. Fact is, there are many Christian singles who have relationship problems with their girlfriends or boyfriends. Abusive dating relationships, control freaks, cheaters. These relationships problems are just as prevalent among single Christians as well as unchurched people.

Relationship Problems in the Bible

Most relationship problems, whether in dating relationships, or in our relationships with family or God, are rooted in sinful attitudes and behaviour. In the Bible, we see many people having relationship problems, one of them being Jonah. In this week’s Christian podcast, we will learn a lot about what messes us up in relationships by taking a look at the relationship problems Jonah had with God and those around him.

Sabotaging Relationships – Christian Dating

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    • Ogundeyin Adewale

      Hello. I’m Born again Christian Guy. I lived somewhere in West Africa. I have been looking for a Date that could lead to Marriage, Even relocate to new places. But i haven’ t seen one. Futher more, i have been seen myself Helpless interms of future being(going to school and getting a job.) i’m 20-24yrs old. I’m only speaking this just Because this has to do with Christian Church Problems. Pls i’m willing to have a christian relationship that will make my Life Better and Better.
      Lastly, pls i Belived this Church worshi the ONLY God. The king of kings. Messiah, God of Abraham.God of Moses, God of Isaiah.e.t.c. The Lord that GIVES his only BEGOTTEN son, (Jesus Christ). I will be the HAPPIEST MAN ON EARTH” if this CHURCH can DO this favour for me. I’m getting confured. I awaits yr reply as soon as u read this. I have some High School Qualification with me here in case of my Academic Progress.

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