Remembering God’s Promises During the Holidays

Remembering God’s Promises During the Holidays

Not sure why this is the case , but many people get  more depressed during the holidays than any other time. Depression during the holidays can strike both married and singles. In fact, I have written quite a  bit on how to beat the holiday blues. almost all professionals agree that one of the major reasons for depression and discouragement is a  loss of a lack of perspective on who God is. This would include forgetting to  remember the wonderful grace of God in our lives. A thankful heart has a difficult time remaining depressed.

Today’s Christian relevant church podcast from centers on how to remember the promises of God in our lives when the going gets tough. I hope you are blessed by this. Oasis meets Sundays 10:30am at Hotel 304 West in Springfield. Additionally, on December 9, 2012, Oasis will be celebrating a Christmastime service att he Regal Hadley Theater in South Plainfield at 10:am. Weekly services at htis second site will begin sometime in Fall 2013.

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