Romantic Evenings Ideas for Christian Singles

Romantic Evenings Ideas for Christian Singles

Okay, so you are a Christian single on your first date and looking for romantic evenings ideas? Somebody asked me recently if it was cool for a Christian dating couple to enjoy a romantic evening together. What kind of a silly  question was that! Of course it is. The issue at hand is what romantic evenings ideas are fitting for for a Christian single trying to live a a sexually pure life.

Romantic Evenings Ideas

The following top 3 romantic ideas for great evenings with your Christian date may get your creative date juices going:

1) Go on a nice picnic on the beach at dusk, and stay until the stars come out

2) Rent a limousine service and take your date to a romantic place to eat, and then take a hand in handwalk

3) Start a fire in a fire pit in you backyard, and make some s’mores together. Later, around the fire, you can cuddle, talk and play some of your favorite romantic songs.

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