Romantic Love Letters and Singles

Romantic Love Letters and Singles

I really think it’s wonderful that God included sexy and Romantic Love Letters such as the Song of Solomon in the Bible. This romantic love letter, which is really a song, speaks about pure sexual love between a man and a woman in the bonds of marriage.
I know there are some folks who try to interpret this romantic love letter allegorically, but believe me, this letter is hot and heavy, and it’s all about God ordained SEX!

Romantic Love Letters Pod-cast

Pastor Duane Cross, from Hope Covenant Church in Dallas, (TX) Texas, speaks about this romantic love letter with a balanced and frank view of sex: “Timing is everything” – when it comes to sex too. When you do it God’s way, there is freedom. This may shock you …but God wants you to have great sex.” And He talks about it in this romantic love letter!

This is a relevant church pod-cast for any Christian single or Christian singles group contemplating God plan for the Christian’s sex life.

Are you a single Christian with differing view of this romantic love letter?

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