Second Date Tips

Second Date Tips

second date tipsWoohoo! You made it to the second date because you didn’t blow it on the first date. So just what would constitute a successful second date? The following second date tips come from several folks who have been there.

Your first date is really to see if you would like to keep seeing that person. Your second date is the time when the two of you start to open up and reveal your self to the other person. On the second date, instead of going for coffee or dinner try doing an activity that interests both of you. Ask your date what some of their favorite things to do are. For example: biking, fishing, cooking, seeing a band play, or gong to a movie. Asking your date what they like doing will make them feel good, and they will have a good time as well.

During your second date it is good to bring up topics that the two of you were talking about on the first date. This will show that you were paying attention and that you are interested in what they say. Remember what they said to you on the first date. For example: Did they mention that they had a project to do for work? Ask them how it went and if they finished it on time. If you remember what they said on the first date, and recall it on the second date, your date will start to connect with you in a positive way.

Remember not to dwell on mistakes that you may have made on the first date. If you know that the first impression that you made wasn’t as good as you wanted it to be, just focus on making the second date as good as it can be. For example: if you had a long day at work and were very tired during the first date, don’t fret it. Besides, both of you agreed on a second date, so you are both obviously still interested in each other. If you really feel like you acted in a poor way then apologize for how you acted and then get on with the second date!

Other Things to Remember on a Second Date

During the second date, be sure to communicate with the other person. Tell them if you are having a great time or if you feel a strong connection. It’s a good thing to express your emotions aloud because it shows the other person that you are opening up to them and then they will open up to you too. Even if it is very simple like “Hi. It’s so good to see you.” This it will show your date that they are important to you. Also find out how they are feeling. If they don’t open up to you right away, then ask them how they are feeling. Ask something like “What is on your mind?” Staying honest and open can really help the two of you connect.

While you are spending time with your date, do not hesitate to disagree with them. Of course, you are not trying to start an argument with them, however if you don’t disagree, then you are not being yourself. If you aren’t being yourself, then your date isn’t getting to know the real you and this will only lead to problems down the road. Remember to disagree gently.

For example: If you date says “I’ve seen every Lord of the Rings movie 20 times each” but you hate Lord of the Rings, reply in a nice way by saying something like “Yea, I’ve never been into Lord of the Rings. What do you like so much about it?” By saying this, you are both stating your opinion and showing interest in theirs.

Bottom line: Remember that the more you know about each other, the better, stronger, and longer the relationship will be, and you’ll get beyond that second date.

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