Christian Single Sex Addicts Anonymous

Christian Single Sex Addicts Anonymous

Know any Christian single sex addicts? Perhaps they may need sex addicts anonymous? Fact of the matter is if we believe what George Barna writes about the sexual practices of Christians, there are probably many sex addicts in the church who could use a good sex addicts anonymous small group. .For crying out loud, a few years back Focus on the Family estimated that 25% of Christian ministers were sex addicts, addicted to stuff like internet porn and masturbation. Many of these folks have suffered in much pain, shame and guilt, feeling they had no where to dump the burdens of their hearts.

Sex Addicts and Christian Singles

The great thing about a Christian singles site is that many can share their deepest sex secrets without worrying that they will be scorned. It’s a sad and despicable thing that most churches don’t provide this kind of environment, but just sweep the topic of sex addicts under the rug, making believe the problem is not even in existence. This behavior only encourages singles to hide their own desperate state instead of seeking help in a sex addicts anonymous program.

If we as a church really want to shine for Jesus, we need to be transparent to the world, scars and all. Let it all hang out (no pun intended) and let people see what God’s amazing forgiveness and grace is all about. Having dabbled in pornography myself I am familiar with the vicious cycle of the sex addict: Excitement-Guilt-Despair, but also of the way to victory in this area that is literally eating the heart and soul out of the next generation of single Christians.

Sex Addicts Christian Podcast

Our Christian podcast on sex addicts breaks the mold of what we usually find in most churches and I am thankful for men of God like Pastor Steve Nicholson, of the Vineyard Christian Church of Evanston Illinois (IL) for his sharing. This message on this difficult topic will be sure to help many singles languishing alone in their pain and loneliness.

Sex Addicts Signs

Are you a sex addict?

Rate yourself on these questions:

* Do you feel like you’ve lost the ability to control your sex life (went over boundary lines you know you should not have, unable to stop sexual acting out even though you confessed them to God and made promises to Him)?

* Is your risky sexual behavior causing your life to be effected negatively in other areas of like health, work, church, present relationships or the law

* Do you obsess or dwell over sexual activity even when you try not to?

* Do you keep secrets about your sex life fom the closest people in your life? Or would you say you are living a double life?

If you answered yes to any of the above you need help for a possible sexual addiction.

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        hola yo tambien y es dificil hechale ganas, aveces no se que hacer pero trato de no pensar en ello, si sabes algo me avisas, saludos luis

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