Signs of Cheating in a Relationship

Signs of Cheating in a Relationship

The following is not really about signs of cheating in a relationship, but rather the story of one of our Christian single women readers sharing her heartbreak on finding signs of cheating in her relationship. She also offers some some relationship advice when you find signs of cheating in a relationship.

Hi All:

My name is Ashley, and I would just like to share a glimpse of my story to encourage you all. I am 20 (married at 19) to pastor’s son. You would think everything would go great. We did everything right, we did the marriage counselling, stayed pure for each other, we even didn.t kiss till our wedding day.

I found out that my husband had been cheating on me for nearly a month. I found out the hard way, through a note that told me I had to move out of our home. When I went to the home to gather my things, turns out him and his new family had moved in already. Talk about a total shock. And to top it all of she is 15 years older than him and has 4 kids with 3 different dads.

Signs of Cheating Relationship Advice

For weeks I wondered what I did wrong, and how he could choose her over me. My mind raced and raced and raced, but the only thing that is keeping me going is God. Honestly, I wouldn’t be alive if it were not for him. I have to remember that God is the ultimate judge and he will cast down his power for you. Don’t seek revenge, but take the high road. It is AMAZING how your relationship with God will change the blossom!

Hope this brings hope and light to the situation. I may be young, but I have gone through a lot already. If anyone needs to talk. Let me know!

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    • Celeigh Cardinal

      Hi, I am serial cheater.
      Ever man I meet and settle down with ends up short term (1 year tops). Because I can’t keep my legs closed and don’t know what I want. I am too scared of being alone and will go out of my way to hurt others in order to save myself from loneliness and sexless. Even when I have a good thing and that person see’s all my faults and puts up with them. I always set up the next guy before leaving the old one, hurting these people in the process and never building strong long lasting relationships with the men in my life who sacrifice so much to be with me. My life is fiction, I lie, cheat and steal whenever I can. I can’t seem to close my legs to anyone. I have hurt so many people and messed up so many relationships between myself and others. I am doing it again as I write this. My pattern is never ending. My self respect has diminished to a pile of nothing. I am worthless and I wonder if I will ever have any respect for myself or others.

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