Christian Single Career Women

Christian Single Career Women

Single career women make up 30% of the US labor force. If you are  a Christian single girl and one of those single career women out there, you probably know well the pressures that go along with a single woman in the workforce.

Christian Single Career Women Trap

Many successful single career women have succumbed to this trap: You go to college, and after graduation your main goal was to work up the proverbial ladder of success. Maybe you became a successful businesswoman, doctor or lawyer. But now as you enter 30-somethings or 40-somethings status, your heart turns toward that special dating relationship you put on hold all these years, and all of a sudden this becomes your priority. Here’s the kicker, what you thought would be an easy  proposition (Ie: finding that Christian soulmate when the time was right) now looks to you as an improbability. in fact many single Christian career women I know lament that their time for romance and marriage may have passed them by as they were working on their careers. Some of the reasons single career women give for this are as follows:

Top Reasons Single Career Women  Find  Romance Difficult

The Dating Prospects Lessen as You Age
Not Knowing Where to Go to Meet a Date
Inability to Balance Work and Romance

Are you a single Christian career woman who can identify with the above? .

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