Single Christian Network for Christian Singles

Single Christian Network for Christian Singles

Do you have a single Christian Network in your life? What exactly is a single Christian network, you may ask? No, it’s not the online dating service, Single Christian Network, which we reviewed as being a waste of your time and money. You are much better off using a service like Eharmony Dating Service

Defining Single Christian Network

Well, by using single Christian network, we are referring to a group of two or more Christian singles (a network, if you will) who agree to meet regularly online or offline for fellowship, advice and support.

Some examples of a single Christian network would include Christian singles groups, Christian chatrooms and Christian social networks.

Why Use a Single Christian Network?

We find that one of the greatest arguments for using a single Christian network, is so that single Christians can help get answers and advice for some of their most pressing questions and struggles.

I know some of you are just dying to know what some of those issues are, but if you have spent enough time as a single Christian you have already asked some of these questions yourself:

  1. What’s wrong with me that I’m still single while most of my friends have found their true love, and have gotten hitched? A single Christian network can help singles with this kind of question work through feelings of low-esteem, depression and discouragement.
  2. Is it ok to actively seek a date, or should I just wait on the Lord? Many Christians are confused in this area, but a single Christian network can give guidance.
  3. How do i get over my recent heartbreak of a failed relationship? Having a single Christian network after having been dissed by the ex will help bring reality to the thinking process.
  4. As a Christian single parent, how do I juggle dating life and my kids? Whew! A single Christian network is an absolute necessity in working through this challenge.
  5. I’m new to online dating, so how do I start using a Christian dating service like Eharmony Dating ?
  6. All the good ones are taken, so should I date an unbeliever?
  7. Where do I meet some nice, normal single Christians?

There are many more benefits to using a single Christian network, but not enough time to name them all right here.

Are you a single Christian with your own views on single Christian networks?

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