Single Dating-Sermon for Singles

Single Dating-Sermon for Singles

Life as a single Christian can be confusing with all the different single dating and spiritual advice floating around. I mean just do a Google search on “single dating tips” or “singles advice”, and you will find millions of results!

A Single Dating Message from the Heart

This week our Christian Pod-cast comes from McLane Church in Edinburg, Pennsylvania (PA), with Pastor Brian Kelly speaking on “How to Live a Successful Single Life”, especially in the area of single dating.

It doesn’t matter what kind of single Christian you are (single-never married, ¬†Christian single parent or divorced), this message will be uplifting and relevant for where you are right now.

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    • Donna A

      Hi, My Name is Donna Alexander. I am 21 years. I have only been in a relationship for 3mths about a year and half ago. I felt i was not happy and it wasnt fair on my ex. As i have had time to think about it. I am beginning to feel very sad and lonely on the thought of no-body liking me and i am going to be single for the rest of my life..There this guy harry i like,but i am not sure if he likes me and i know that they are other girls that has asked him out but he has said ‘no’ for personal reasons and past experiences. But i have got a different feeling that we are too be together

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