Single Moms Tips Podcast

Single Moms Tips Podcast

Single Moms Tips Podcasts? Looking for Single Moms Tips? The church needs to know that Christian single-parent moms of all backgrounds, whether divorced or married, have great needs, and meeting those needs can be powerfully effective in showing the love of Jesus to those single moms and kids inside and outside the church.

Single Moms TIPS

Based on our own interviews with single moms, and listening to the myriad of single moms podcasts out there,  here are some of the top “single mom needs” out there:

Finances and Money Saving Worries
Single Moms tip for Legal Advice related to Family Court Issues (ie:Custody, Child Support Payments)
Positive Male Role Models for the Kids
Spiritual and Emotional Fellowship
Positive Relationships with other Singles
Help Around the House with Repairs

I’m sure other single moms could think of a dozen other “single moms tips”, but I think you get the point. Just think about the outreach possibilities to single moms in need. Here’s a problem though: Manny single moms, whether they be Christian single moms or unsaved, often feel it difficult to ask for help. That’s why the church needs to reach out to them with practical help.

Single Moms TIPS Podcast

Anyway, I found this Single Moms podcast called the Sisters Podcasts. Two Christian single women sharer a number of great single mom tips that I think both single women and men will enjoy.Have some single mom tips to shaere?

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    • Karen

      Thanks so much for sharing about the Sisters Podcast site. They are wonderful! Concerning Single Moms and Dads, I think its vital for churches to address this issue and provide ministry opportunities from within the local body of Christ to serve this group. So many will not come forward with their needs and this causes needless suffering that the plan for a new testament church was designed to fill. In my opinion, I think divorced moms fall into the biblical category of “widows” and should thus be treated as such by the church if they are in need. Thanks for addressing this topic on your site! 🙂

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