Single Parent Dating Services

Single Parent Dating Services

Online single parent dating services  are one of the fastest growing dating genres on the web today. Part of the reason for the growth of single parent dating sites is that the sheer number of  Single Parents Dating is steadily increasing. Furthermore, according to the most recent U.S. Census figures, over 30% of American households are led by single parents.

Another reason sites like Single Parent Mingle are having lots of success is that single parents, including Christian single parents, simply want to meet other singles who can understand and empathize with their unique struggles. As we addressed previously, parents dating with kids in the mix is a tricky proposition, so it helps to be dating someone who has been there as well.

Single Parent Dating Services

In light of the above, we have reviewed some of the top single parent dating sites used by Christians. Notice I said used by Christians. The reason I say this is because not all of these singles parent dating services are exclusively “Christian”, but you can find singles like you in their databases. Just let the Lord guide you in this single parent dating jungle. 🙂

All the following dating services come with some form of Free Trial Memberships:

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Christian Mingle
Single Christian Parent Category

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      Am a widow for ten years now with three daughters in the university. Need a God fearing man.Am a Nigerian.

      • shell

        hello,i’m looking for catholic singls praticant site .on south of france,monaco and liguria in italy.
        thanks for your help.

        • Christine

          I’m a single christian parent and I really don’t know where to begin. So I’m just going to get out there and pray that God will send the right one to find me, as scripture says, “The man that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing”

          • prince next

            I am prince next 35years old single am a christain i am looking for mature single parent that have the fear of God in her heart,i am ready to live with her or if she is single i don’t mind what i need is a christain woman in my life because the fear of God is the beging of wisdom,if she have the fear of God like me our love and life we be so sweet until death come…because we will have the understanding of love and make family together…thank you.

            • someday49

              Single parent households face so many issues that a traditional families do not. Besides the obvious income (or lack of second income issue) issue, there are time issues. .. How do I (as a single parent) be all thing things that my child needs. How can I work a job 8 hours (+) a day, be housekeeper and nurturer, counselor, teacher… how do I find the physical strength, the time and the where withall to GIVE 200% all day everyday? How can I be all the things that my boss needs me to be, my child needs me to be…? When is there a moment for me? Only with God’s help and God’s energy do I get through the day. Even then, I wonder if I have done enough, spent enough time with them, cleaned the house good enough… all those stressors.. And I go to bed alone, with no loving human arms to hold me, and no human voice to whisper reassurances in the dark.

              • johncel

                Trust in the Lord and everything will go just fine.. 🙂 finding a partner that will meet your expections and needs is really so hard.. take it easy, wait for the sign and pray hard that someday you will meet the girl/guy that is really meant for you..

                • RICHARD AMPEM DARKO

                  Trust in the Lord and everything will go just fine.. ? finding a partner that will meet your exceptions and needs is really so hard.. take it easy, wait for the sign and pray hard that someday you will meet the girl/ that is really meant for you..i need caring,lovely,God fearing lady to marry

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