Single Parenting Advice Before Dating

Single Parenting Advice Before Dating

single parenting and datingMixing single parenting responsibilities with a dating relationship is a tricky proposition for most single parents.  Christian Single Parents  have added stress units. This article discusses practical steps you can take to address this issue.

Single Parenting Tips

There are several steps Christian single moms and dads can take in order to become what we call “relationship ready” for a healthy dating experience:

 Step 1: Blow Off Steam

Successfully reducing  stress in your life is an important first step single moms and dads should take before even considering a dating relationship.

 Step 2: Leave the Past Behind.

Getting over the heartache and hurt of past relationships is essential if one is to be relationship ready. After all, who wants to deal with a rebound dater, or someone who is still carrying around bitterness in his or her soul? Oftentimes, making peace with our past starts with experiencing the power of forgiveness and forgiving in our lives. If you are a Christian divorcee, you will also have to work through the biblical aspects of dating after divorce.

 Step 3: Remember You’re a Package Deal

As a single parent, it’s not just about you, but also about the kids. If you’re thinking about dating as a single parent, make sure your children and the person you are interested in understands this situation.

 Step 4: Protect Yourself from Bad Dates

Bad dates can and do occur because we choose bad dating partners. Unfortunately, out of loneliness many single parents dating step heart first into dating relationships without carefully praying about and evaluating the other person. Some helpful  articles that may be helpful:

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Being a single parent is a tough job, and adding dating to the equation makes it more complicated. However, making sure you are relationship-ready will ensure a happy dating experience

Are you a single Christian with something to share about parenting?

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