Single Parenting Tips for Helping Your Kids

Single Parenting Tips for Helping Your Kids

Need Single parenting Tips? Did you know that over 30% of USA families are run by single parenting households? We all know that single parenting is a difficult job. However, children residing in single parenting homes usually have it more difficult because they are deprived of the full time guidance and direction of two parents, which is so essential for their moral, spiritual and character growth.

Single Parenting and Risks

Having worked in Family Court several decades as a mediator, consent hearing officer and parent education teacher,  I can tell you that children growing up in single parenting households without any real influence from the other single parent are at increased risk for delinquency, having children out of wedlock, poverty, drug addiction, low self esteem, divorce and suicide.

What can you as Christian single parents do to help your children? The good news is that the above risks can be lowered to near zero if the the custodial and non-custodial single parents put into practice the following parenting tips.

Single Parenting Tips Do’s

Single Parenting Tips 1-Forgive the Other Parent

Of course we understand there may be pain, bitterness, betrayal and hurt. But forgiveness brings great healing, not only for yourself, but also your children. It’s extremely important that the children have in their minds an image of two good parents. How you treat the other single parent, and what you say about them in front of the kids will have a great influence here.

Single Parenting Tips 2-Encourage Parenting Time for the Other Party

I know this parenting tip can be difficult under certain circumstances, but your children’s emotional well-being depends on it. So don’t allow your personal feelings to interfere with the long term health of your kids. Understanding the importance of co-parenting, the State of Washington, USA, recently introduced a “Co-Parenting” Bill which reads:

“The best interest of the child is ordinarily served when the existing pattern of interaction between a parent and child is altered only to the extent necessitated by the changed relationship of the parents or as required to protect the child from physical, mental, or emotional harm”

Single Parenting Tips 3-Mediate Any Parenting Conflicts

Avoid custody court battles, and do keep your kids out of the court system. Not only will this save you tons of money in the long run, you will also save your children and yourself the high stress of going through a Court ordered evaluation. Believe me, you’ll thank me later

Single Parenting Tips 4-Make Parenting Time Enjoyable for the Kids

Custodial single parents should encourage the children to go and have a guilt free, good time. Neither party should grill the children about the other party when they return for visits. This is extremely detrimental to them.

Single Parenting Tips 5-Pursue Single Parent Dating Slowly

We’ve written an extensive article on Single Parent dating with kids, as well as the pitfalls of single parenting and dating relationships. Following those tips will help you avoid hurting your children.

Single Parenting Tip 6-Guard the Spiritual Well Being of the Family

Get support for your family by hooking them into a caring local church. Finding support for yourself by joining a loving a Christian singles group will help give you strength to fulfill your single parenting responsibilities.

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