Single Parents Mingle Tips

Single Parents Mingle Tips

Are you looking for places where Single Parent Mingle? Well, you’re not alone. Many Christian single parents are looking to mingle with others just like them. A lot of Christian singles have written asking for some single parent mingle tips, not just for dating but also for friendships.

In response several of my Single Parent Mingle friends have suggested the following general common sense starting points for those seeking to mingle with single parents:

Single Parent Mingle Tip 1:

Decide what your passion is, and go where you will meet others doing the same thing. It’s much easier and more fun to meet and mingle with other single parents if you share common interests.

Single Parent Mingle Tip 2:

Follow the kids to their activities and events, as you are sure to meet other single parents in your position. Kids are often a great point of contact for having good conversations with other single parents. Mingling with other singles parents in this way and supporting your children at the same time. What can beat that?

Single Parent Mingle Suggestions

  1. Join a Christian singles group or other kind of support group especially for single parents. Are you a divorced single parent? Check out
  2. Check out a local church for friendship and ministry opportunities The fellowship you will find there will greatly benefit both you and your child(ren).
  3. Volunteer at your local Christian charitable organization. You have so many to choose from, and this is not only a great way to lift your own depression, but also a great way to meet and mingle while serving the Lord. How can you beat that, right?
  4. Organize a singles only game night. Just tell each single friend that they have to bring two other singles with them. Have everybody chip in a dollar or two for babysitting costs.
  5. If you want to mingle online try out Single Parent Mingle. By the way if you’re looking for some great Christian dating tips or other dating/relationship advice you can find it all on this singles site.
  6. Can you say Christian bookstore?
  7. Go to sporting events in town.
  8. Go on a singles retreat.
  9. Fact: cooking classes attract lots of singles.
  10. Check your local newspapers for upcoming events like craft fairs and flea markets, which attract tons of single parents.
  11. If you’re a single parent mom who like sports, you can easily find single guys hanging out at local sports clubs watching the games.
  12. Take a lesson in some kind of coed sport.
  13. Join a workout club like Bally’s or LA Fitness. They are coed and often have some fun activities to take part in like, say volleyball.
  14. Go shopping at the mall. By the way, if you’re going to do grocery shopping, do it directly after work or late in the evening on weekends. These are the peak times singles prowl the aisles for food.
  15. Enjoy a Christian coffeehouse or music concert.
  16. Why not start a website, newsletter or blog for single parents? (Hmm that sounds like a good idea maybe I’ll do that!) You wouldn’t believe the number of online single parents you would mingle and network with. Just have fun being creative.
  17. Your town public library will usually have activities for kids like story time or other activities. This is a huge single parent magnet.
  18. How about an inexpensive Christian singles cruise. If you don’t want to go alone, arrange for a group of friends to go.
  19. Take ballroom dancing lessons. By the way, wasn’t “Shall We Dance” a great movie? I really liked that one!
  20. Organize a single parent babysitters club in your town. Great way to mingle with other single parents while filling a great need.
  21. Parents Without Partners, which helps single parents cope, is an international single parents group. Although NOT specifically a Christian support group, you will find some support here.

These are just few idea for single parents who like to mingle.Do you have any other Single Parent Mingle tips you would like to share?

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