Single Parents Podcast-Hope for Single Parents

Single Parents Podcast-Hope for Single Parents

Single parents, especially those with joint custody, can often feel discouraged and stressed out when thinking about their daily dose of responsibilities. A Christian single parent friend of mine says she sometimes feels like “a gerbil running round and round on a wheel, with no end in sight.” If you’re a single parent reading this article, do you ever feel this way?

A Message for Single Parents

If you’re a single parent feeling a little pooped out at the moment, you will really be blessed if you listen our church podcast for this week. Pastor Dave Butler speaks a message of hope to all parents/


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    • Mary

      I am a single divorced mom, officially as of a year ago. Before that, my ex-husband and I were separated. My marriage was abusive and lonely, and unhealthy for my kids. I had no choice but to leave or keep dying inside a little everyday. And yet, the wounds of infidelity and loss are still acute sometimes for us, and I get so lonely. I homeschool two of my three boys (my boys are 5, 13 and 18–the oldest is a senior at the high school where we live), which helps us to maintain closeness and is helping us heal at our own pace together. I am self-employed, but have spent this last year chronically ill and unable to work. I am trying to regroup now that my health is improving, but as you can imagine, the financial challenges are intense right now. But I trust the Lord to provide, and even in my moments of panic and doubt, He is faithful to give me assurance that we are in His comforting care and that all will be well. We attend a church about an hour away a couple times a month, but I do not have time for the singles group and my two feeble attempts at dating have been awful. I guess I am here mainly for support, as I focus on things above, my children, and myself and work to build a new life after alot of difficult change. I want to be able to continue homeschooling, but know I need some support and encouragement in order to stay the course and not burn out. I should add that we lost our community as well, because I chose divorce against church opinion. That hurt very, very badly. It’s been a lonely time in our lives, and I am very insecure about dealing with the Christian community now. I am hoping I can find the true love of Jesus here…I, and my children by extension, need it to keep going on this path. Thank you, and God bless you all.

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