Single Woman Seeking Man

Single Woman Seeking Man

Are you a single woman seeking a man? Many single women are seeking a man for a serious Christian dating relationship leading toward marriage. There is certainly no lack of Christian relationship advice out there for single women seeking a man. But doesn’t it make sense that one of the first logical steps for attracting the right guy to date would be understanding what Christian guys actually need and want in a wife?

Single Woman Seeking Man Podcast

Some people feel the best way to man’s heart is not just food; but to understand what exactly a man is looking for in a relationship. In other words to find his love language. In today’s Christian podcast, from Concord Baptist Church in St. Louis, Missouri (MO), Pastor Bob Werner brings a message entitled, “What Men Want.” This is some good advice for both Christian single men and single women seeking a man.

Are you a Christian single with advice for single women seeking a man?

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    • Ethiopia Zeleke

      I am 35 years old.I was married since divorcing from my husband in year 2000.I have 2 children.they were leaving with there father In Addis Ababa.I am working as a receptionist In the big Gold mine company at shakisso.Shakisso is 470km far away from Addis Ababa the capital city of Ethiopia.
      I am new converted protestant christian in the Assembly of God church.Jest I want to have husband from foreign countries.If you want I will send my resent photos.

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