Singleness and the First Single Guy and Gal

Singleness and the First Single Guy and Gal

Our church pod-cast of the week has an interesting twist on the subject of the single life, that may change your concept of singleness and dating. Pastor Bill Lloyd of White Stone Fellowship in Stuart, Florida (FL), speaks on singleness, dating, mating, love and marriage, all from the from the perspective of Adam and Eve, the first single guy and gal. Did you ever look at this couple in that way?

Singleness Equals Incomplete?

Many Christian singles and certain married couples in the church equate singleness with incompleteness and discontentment. If your view of singleness is in line with this view, this message will be encouraging and helpful to you.

As a single person, are you finding contentment in singleness? Or do you consider singleness a plague to be avoided at all costs? Share your thoughts on singleness here, or sign up as an author at Christian dating Service PLUS!

If you would like to have your church or Christian singles group’s audio message pod-casted through our site, just send a CD or tape, and we will gladly convert it (pun intended) to mp3 and put it on our site. It’s a great way to geometrically expand your audience, and drive traffic to your singles related ministry or site, since we reach tens of thousands of singles each month.

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