Singles-Flirt Up Your Life

Singles-Flirt Up Your Life

That’s all we need, a video game about single life. Well, Singles-Flirt Up Your Life is just that. Have you heard of it? This is definitely not a Christian game. The game begins with the singles already living together. Boy, that’s a recipe for failure right there.

Singles-Flirt Up Your Life Game

Anyway, Singles-Flirt up Your Life is basically a Sims game spin-off. What’s so interesting about Singles-Flirt Up Your Life is that you can play both Cupid and God in setting up how the relationship goes. Ever wish you had this ability in your Christian dating relationships? Just as I thought. Oh well, if only real life dating relationships were so simple and easy as the Singles-flirt up Your Life PC game. Of course, we all know it’s not.

In fact, many singles I know aren’t sure whether this thing we call single life is a blessing or a curse. What do you think? In todays church podcast, Pastor Brian Kelly, from McLane Church in Edinboro, PA confronts this exact subject in his message entitled “Desperate Lovers.”

By the way, do you have a message on the single life you would like podcasted at Christian Dating Service Plus? Please let us know. Also, if you are familiar with the Single-Flirt Up Your Life game, feel free to send in your commentary.

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