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Discovering Your Christian Soulmate Podcast

discovering your christian soulmateDiscovering your  Christian soulmate? Most Christian singles who visit Christian Dating Service PLUS! are interested in finding that special soulmate or dating match that will lead toward marriage.

 Discovering Your Christian Soulmate Podcast

Our featured Christian dating podcast this week comes from One Church,  a contemporary Christian church located in Manhattan, New York City. Pastor Roberts brings the message: 5 Keys to Discovering your Christian Soulmate. See the video below.

Each week Christian Dating Service PLUS! broadcasts a different podcast/MP3 with Christian singles messages, music or video. This week the topic is soulmates; however, we will podcast any topic related to the Christian single life.

Since we reach thousands of singles each week, let us help you expand your outreach by sending us your church’s or Christian singles group’s message, music or video. We will convert your tapes or CDs into an MP3 format, and podcast it for free over the web with a link back to your site. For more info about this, please feel free to contact us.

Finally, feel free to share your comments or thoughts about soulmates.

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