Speed Dating Questions

Speed Dating Questions

A number of folks seem to have speed dating questions.  What is speed dating? It is an interesting way of obtaining dates by permitting a single guy or girl to meet other singles in a number of minutes. If there is a potential dating match, the singles can contact each other afterwards. If you have any further speed dating questions We have an article about Christian speed dating right here.

Speed Dating Questions Prep

Perhaps the biggest question people have about speed dating is what speed dating questions they they should expect to answer when they go to a speed dating event. The following are a list of top speed dating questions we compiled:

  1. Where do you call home?
  2. What are you seeking in a dating relationship?
  3. What is the most interesting fact about you that other people may not know?
  4. What do you like to do for fun?
  5. What are your religious views? As a Christian single, this is a biggie if you’re interested in meeting someone of like minded faith.
  6. What do you do for work?
  7. Are you currently attached to someone else?

Overall, if you can answer these speed dating questions intelligently and honestly, you will  avoid dating the wrong person as you meet other Christian singles in this format.

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