Stress and the Stressful Christian Single Life

Stress and the Stressful Christian Single Life

Too much stress can be a killer. Studies also show that because of stress, single guys live on average five years less than their married counterparts. Does stress stink, or what?

Truth be told, dealing with the responsibilities and pressures of life alone is stressful. While I truly believe that being a Christian single parent (whether you are a single mom or single dad) can be one of the most difficult and stress filled jobs in the world, all singles face stress in many different forms.

Stress is unavoidable, but there are some things we can do to counteract or reduce the stress that comes into our lives. While a previous article dealt with stress reducers for single parents, here are our favorite stress reducers that single Christians have suggested to help us in our busy, stress-filled single lives:

Top 10 Stress Reducers for Singles

1) Meditate daily on God’s promises. This is a quick stress reducer, and free of cost. Five minutes a day will change your life, and reduce your stress in subtle way. I promise. Some great verses in His word includes 1 Peter 5:7: “Cast all your anxiety upon Him, for He cares about you.”

2) Surround yourself with caring friends and family, which is a great stress reducer. If you don’t have friends in your area, or dealing with your family stresses you out, do a Google search for the nearest Christian singles or church fellowship. Just being able to “blow off steam” is a stress reducer in itself. In these groups you can share burdens, and build a support system.

3) Setting realistic expectations for your dating life, children, finances and job is a practical stress reducer. Don’t distract yourself with perfection because there’s only one God, and you’re not Him. Okay?

4) Make your daily responsibilities easier, and reduce stress by breaking them down into smaller, doable tasks. Note: This is actually my favorite stress reducer idea since I tend to be a disorganized mess!

5) Delegate your household responsibilities. Hey, even Moses did this with the people of Israel, and it’s a refreshing stress reducer. If you don’t have any family members up to the job, partner with friends or neighbors to share house cleaning, child care, cooking or any other thing you find stressful. It will definitely relieve some burdens from your life.

6) This was mentioned this earlier, but getting your finances in check is a stress reducer we can all use. In this regard, is an international ministry that offers free advice on all types of financial topics. Check it out. You’ll be glad you did.

7) Exercising, eating well and getting enough rest is the triple crown of stress reducers. No matter how busy you are, schedule time for these, cause once you lose your health, you won’t be able to do anything else. Am I nagging you enough?

8) Learning to say no is an important step in getting rid of stress in your life. You accomplish this by prioritizing what’s really important in your life, and cutting out the rest. As single Christians, that may sometimes mean saying no to a worthwhile ministry in your local church body. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty about this ( like I used to do), but thank the Lord that you will be able to make more efficient use of your time.

9) All work plus no play equals stress! Reduce your stress by scheduling some fun activities just for you! Are you a Christian interested in online dating, but don’t know how to start?.

10) Thinking the best and expecting the best are biblical principles, and powerful stress reducers. It also reveals a strong faith in the Lord. “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.” (Proverbs 23:7)

Are you a single Christian with stress in your life? Help others by sharing your own favorite stress reducer.

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    • Sunshinemh

      I’m trying to get out of a seven yr relationship with a man who’s been emotionally abusing me at work for his pleasure and to show off to other women! I’m sad, insecure, my soul is in pain, I’m lonely, he tries to get me crazy and starts fighting with me the makes me feel like I’m physical, and say it’s nit him it’s me!!

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