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'Black Christian Singles' Tagged Posts

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Christian Black Singles

Many Christian Black Singles are using online dating to find that special date or soulmate. There are several reasons why Christian black singles are flocking to the internet for romance. And with over 70% of Christian black singles considering themselves evangelical Christians, Christian dating services have taken notice, by dedicating sub-sites specifically for single black Christians. For example, Christian Mingle has a very popular site Christian black singles use called, not surprisingly, Christian Black Singles. Christian Black Singles Online Dating…

Black Christian Singles Dating Unbelievers

The following is a Black Christian Singles sound off from a Black Single Christian girl who opts in on the topic of Black Christian singles dating unbelievers. Note that her view does not reflect the view of Christian Dating Service Plus: Honestly, I don’t understand why Black Single Christians would NOT date non-Christians, especially with the low pool of single black Christians in the church today. I also really can’t believe God would say not to date a nonbeliever. I…