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Christian Singles Complaints

I’ve been ministering to Christian singles for a number of years, and have heard quite a number of complaints from singles over, well, being single. Top 5 Christian Singles Complaints The following Christian Singles complaints were compiled through a worldwide survey of 1000 singles conducted by Christian Dating Service Plus: 1. Churches look down on […]

Christian Singles Ministry Outreach

One of the goals of this Christian Singles Ministry is to connect single Christians with local churches, Christian singles groups or para-church organizations in their local area. Why? At Christian Dating Service PLUS! We believe fellowship with other Christians through a Christian singles ministry is essential for spiritual growth. Many single Christians have contacted us […]

Low Self-Esteem in Christian Singles

Low self-esteem in¬†Christian singles is keeping them from finding a serious dating relationship. It’s really simple: If you don’t feel real good about yourself, you’re not going to think anyone else will either. Sadly, problems with low self-esteem can not only effect our dating relationships, but all other areas of our life, including our emotional […]