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Dating After a BreakUp

Dating after a breakup  of a serious relationship can be tricky experience for any single, Christian or not. Self esteem issues, rejection and the ever lurking possibility of a rebound relationships are things singles need to be cognizant of after reentering the the dating world after a breakup. Do you think you are ready for […]

Online Christian Dating Advice: Diversify

You’ve decided to give online Christian dating a try. Great! But unless you’re really sold on one particular online Christian dating site, the dating advice here is to diversify by using several dating services. There are several positive reasons why you would benefit by using more than one online Christian dating service. Why Try Several […]

Dating Advice: When to Dump a Dating Relationship

Most Christian singles dating advice experts suggest that the primary purpose of a dating relationship is to determine whether or not the relationship is a match that willl lead toward marriage. The problem is that many singles stay in potentially harmful dating relationships they should have ended long ago.  Overstaying a Dating Relationship Whether the […]

Christian Dating Advice – Spiritual Compatibility

Need some helpful Christian dating advice?  When it comes to Christian dating relationships, nothing is more important than making sure the two of you are on the same page about Jesus and seeking His will above all else.  If one person is totally surrendered to the Lord’s will and the other one is just “playing Christian” […]