'Divorce' Tagged Posts

'Divorce' Tagged Posts

Divorce and Remarriage for Christians

Divorce and Remarriage in Bible

Divorce and remarriage is a hot issue in many evangelical churches. What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage? Can Christians remarry? This is a confusing issue because  many Christian singles have been through a divorce. Christian Divorce and Remarriage What are the biblical grounds for divorce anyway? Does God speak against divorce & remarriage in all circumstances? If divorce is justified in certain situations? When is dating after divorce okay? Do the rules change if you are a…

Hope for Divorced Christians

The following article, “Hope for Divorced Christians”, was written by a divorced Christian guy, who answers the question, “Is there any hope for divorced Christians?”, through the lens of his own personal experience. The view he espouses is not necessarily the view of Christian Singles Blog: As a divorced, Christian male in his late 40’s I have observed that in Western culture we have lost respect for and a Godly perspective of the institution of Christian marriage itself.  I am…