'Fear of Commitment' Tagged Posts

'Fear of Commitment' Tagged Posts

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Female Commitment Phobia |Commitment Phobic Christian Women

Is there really such a thing as female commitment phobia? As I teach in our single parenting seminars, commitment phobia is usually a guy problem. However, with over 49 million single women in the US alone, female commitment phobia is rising sharply. Why is this? There are many fears that keep women single but some feel this increase in female commitment phobia is coming from those who have been through a past troubled relationship, such as a divorce. For example,…

Fear of Commitment and Men

Do you know a Christian single guy who has a fear of commitment? The following “defeating fear of commitment tips may help you cure that commitment phobe: 1. Do not rush him into a serious relationship with you. The more you push, the more he will pull away. 2. No matter how much you may love spending time with your man, plan a little away from him every now and then. Having this separation can give him time to realize…