'How to Overcome Shyness' Tagged Posts

'How to Overcome Shyness' Tagged Posts

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Love-Shy Singles: How to Overcome Shyness

Are you one of those love-shy singles who doesn’t date because you’re timid? Wish you knew how to overcome shyness? If you do, don’t be bashful about it because you’re in good company. According to Dr. Phillip Zimbardo, a Stanford psychologist, nearly 40% of singles are shy about asking someone out on a date. Love-Shy Singles Description A single person who is shy is often anxious (some have even been diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder) or uneasy around the opposite…

Dating Tips for Shy Guys

Over 800 people a month search for dating tips for shy guys and how to overcome shyness on the web each month. We know from the mail we receive that reading about dating tips for shy guys will benefit many¬† christian singles, both guys and girls. There are many different reasons why people are shy when it comes to dating and romance. Being love shy is not only a problem for Christian single guys. The problem pervades both sexes equally,…