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'Online Christian Dating' Tagged Posts

courtship vs dating

Courtship vs Dating: Christian Singles Views

Courtship vs Dating, Dating vs Courtship.  In the realm of Christian relationships, the terms “courtship” and “dating” have long been subjects of contention. While the broader society may consider these terms synonymous, in Christian circles, they are often seen as distinct practices with varied implications for a believer’s life. Before diving deep into the courtship vs. debate, it is essential to understand what courtship and dating mean in the Christian context. Courtship: The Traditional Route Rooted in tradition, courtship emphasizes…

Online Christian Dating Advice

Many Christian singles are interested in using an online Christian dating site like eHarmony, but are unsure of how or where to start. Other singles have tried online Christian dating, but are looking for some dating advice on how to improve their internet dating experiences. The following step by step online dating guide will help single Christians through the online Christian dating maze. Of course, we’re assuming that you’ve already gone to the Lord in prayer over this issue. Online…