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'Online Dating Sites' Tagged Posts

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Online Dating Sites Christian Singles Use

Millions of Christian singles use many different kinds of online dating sites in their search for that special soulmate. The simple reason for this is that there are over 1000 different dating services worldwide. Therefore, it’s not only important for single Christians to be up to snuff in knowing what makes up a good or reputable online dating site, but also to be educated on what kinds of online dating sites are out there. Traditional Online Dating Sites These kind…

Safe Online Christian Dating

As the new eHarmony TV commercial says, 1 in 5 people now find a soulmate through online dating sites. The question is not whether  online dating works, for Christian singles the issue is how to practice safe online dating. Especially for  Christian single women,  safe online dating is the most important factor in  determining whether use  a Christian dating site or not. Safe Online Christian Dating Article Not to brag or anything, but the best safe online dating tip I…