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What Christian Single Girls Want in a Guy

What do Christian single girls look for in a single Christian guy when contemplating a soulmate or marriage partner? This question always seems to percolate in any singles groups I have ever attended or led. We found some online surveys about Christian single girls (ages 18-70) you may find quite interesting. Single Girls and Men Okay guys, so you’re no babe magnet? Don’t worry about it because the good news here is that single Christian girls of all ages appear…

Singleness And Society

Lets face it:  We live in a society that promoting the idea that marriage (if you even want to get married, that is) should be put off until you have 3 college degrees, an established career and steady income.  The concept of being single isn’t foreign at all, in fact the media is portraying it as being the norm.  Singles are being shouted at by our society that a life focused on bettering yourself, materialism and casual sex is better than settling…