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finding the one

Finding the One |Find the Right Person

Looking for or finding the “one, that special soul mate you wish to spend life with can be a tedious experience, especially if you’ve been through a couple of bad Christian dating relationships that have left you heart broken, burnt out or rejected. Finding true love is never easy, but the things in life that are worthwhile are worth the investment of time and effort. In today’s Christian podcast, Pastor Randy Smith of Discovery Church in Vorhees, NJ, discusses how…

Dating Advice for Spiritual Compatibility

Need some helpful dating advice?  When it comes to Christian dating relationships, nothing is more important than making sure the two of you are on the same page about Jesus and seeking His will above all else.  If one person is totally surrendered to the Lord’s will and the other one is just “playing Christian” then the relationship is bound to fail.  Any Christian single would agree, however it can be hard to tell where somebody else stands with God until…