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'Soulmate' Tagged Posts

benefits of seeking a soulmate online

Benefits of Seeking a Soulmate Online

A little over a decade ago, most Christian singles sought a soulmate through more traditional means. Looking for a soulmate online was taboo, and dating services had not yet grown into the $1 Billion  dollar business industry it is today. Back then, if a Christian guy or girl did not find their Christian soulmate through church singles groups, friends, colleagues, or relatives, the only other options would have been to try out the bar scene (never a good idea). While…
Discover Your Christian Soulmate

How to Find Your Christian Soulmate

Wondering how to find your Christian Soulmate? Discovering your Christian soulmate? Most Christian singles who visit Christian Dating Service PLUS! are interested in finding that special soulmate or dating match that will lead to marriage. By the way, do you know the difference between a twin flame and a soulmate.   How to find your Soulmate Podcast Our featured Christian dating podcast this week comes from Pastor Tim at Liquid Church,  a contemporary Christian church located in NJ. Every few…

Soul Mate Test-How To Make Sure You Don’t Marry a Loser

A soul-mate test on how to make sure you don’t marry a loser? Don’t get excited. Unfortunately, there is no such soul-mate test. However, if you’re a dating single person interested in marriage someday, this week’s church pod-cast for single Christians is relevant to you. Pastor Lee McFarland, of the Radiant Church located in Surprise, Arizona (AZ), brings a message, “”How To Make Sure You Don’t Marry a LOSER!”, that’s a wakeup call for anybody seeking a mate-God’s way! Do…