Take a Leap of Faith

Take a Leap of Faith

Are ready to take a leap of faith? In our LEAP series at Oasis, we are teaching how God wants us to take a leap of faith, trusting Him for amazing things in 2012. Now I realize many of the Christian singles and married folks reading this are already soured on 2012, and we’ve reverted into safe mode to ride the year out. Bit without taking a leap of faith, single Christians will never become all the God has created them to be, let alone be successful in finding that special dating relationship and soulmate. Look, God want you and me to live life to the full, go for the gusto, take risks.

Take a Leap of Faith Definition

What does it realy mean to take a leap of faith? It means getting out of our comfort zones, and taking a bold course of action without know for sure what the end results will be. This takes courage and a steadfast trust in God.

Love is Taking a Leap of Faith

Love is truly a leap of faith, and applying this “take a leap of faith” mentality to Christian dating can be challenging for many. The opposite of taking a leap of faith is allowing fears to rule. Many single men and women who remain single because they fear taking risks. Are you ome of those? If you are you will benefit  by listent to our podcast of the week

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spite of the fact that this action is forcing us out of our familiar territory, and our comfort zones. It also means taking action even though we cannot foresee the results or consequences of our choice. To do this requires both faith and courage!

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