Third Date Tips for Christian Singles

Third Date Tips for Christian Singles

Are you looking for third date tips? The third date will make or break whether your Christian dating relationship will be long term or short lived. I know. I know.  As a Christian single you may be still working on getting that first date or second date.  But today we are going to share some third date tips. The first date and and the second date are inextricably connected  to the third date because if the the former ones go badly, your chances of a third date are between slim and none. Okay, but say you “aced” the first date and second and your Christian dating partner gives you the cue that they would be open to a 3rd date. Now what? Well that’s what this article is all about. The following third date advice advice might help you to survive what daters call the second date curse, and make it to a third date.

Third Date Tips-Three Things You Should Do

Be Ready with Conversation

I  cannot overemphasize this enough. If you both clicked in the first date, you know doubt spent some quality time getting to know one another in great conversation. The key to a great second date  is remembering what  he or she told you previously and continuing the convo on those topics. Not only will you impress your date that you remembered  everything they told you, but  you will find it east to start the conversation.

Be Ready with Things to Do

This is especially true for Christian single guys, because most single Christian gals like a guy who is in control, or at least acts like he is. 🙂 So be ready with a fun, enjoyable activity where there will also be ample tine for sharing your heart. Which brings us to our  next point.

Be Ready to Define the Relationship

 Understand that by the third date,  your partner(especially the single gal  will be probably be wondering what the  future holds. Having a DTR, a Defining the Relationship discussion is right thing to do at this time because it lets the other party know  where they stand, and whether or not they are wasting their time

Over all, our third date advice is to take it slow and finally in the words of Peter “go one step at a time.”  II Peter 1:6-7, TLB.

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