Signs of True Love in a Christian Relationship

Signs of True Love in a Christian Relationship

What are signs of true love in a Christian relationship? Wondering how to make a Christian relationship last? What are the signs of true love from a man or woman?  How do you know you’ve found your “true love” of a lifetime?

In the realm of Christian relationships, love is the cornerstone that fortifies the bond between two individuals. True love in a Christian relationship goes beyond infatuation or fleeting emotions, it embodies the selfless, sacrificial, and Christ-centered devotion that nurtures a blessed union. In this article, we will explore the signs of genuine love that lay the foundation for a harmonious and spiritually fulfilling partnership.

In an era where love is often diluted by fleeting passions and superficial attractions, understanding the essence of true love is paramount, especially from a Christian perspective. For a Christian single, the definition of true love transcends mere feelings. It intertwines with spiritual principles, Christ’s teachings, and a deeper understanding of selfless devotion.

Top Signs of true love in a relationship

The following true love prerequisites will help you gauge whether or not this person is “the one”:

True Love: The relationship causes both parties to grow closer to Jesus through selfless love. At the core of any true Christian relationship is the practice of unconditional love. Just as Jesus demonstrated selfless love by sacrificing Himself for humanity, partners in a Christian relationship should love each other beyond flaws and imperfections. True love seeks to serve and uplift, placing the well-being and happiness of the other person above personal desires.

The epitome of true love is best illustrated in the sacrifice Christ made on the cross. It was a love devoid of conditions, purely selfless and unfathomably deep. In relationships, true love echoes this Christ-like devotion, where one is ready to prioritize the other’s happiness, well-being, and spiritual growth over individual needs or desires.

True Love: There is implicit trust and no fear of being vulnerable True love in a Christian relationship involves loyalty and a sincere desire to honor the covenant made before God. Partners prioritize their relationship and remain faithful to one another, even in the face of external temptations.

True Love: The couple has great communication with each other. Effective communication is vital for any successful relationship, and in a Christian union, it takes on a deeper meaning. True love fosters respectful communication, where partners listen to one another with empathy and kindness. Disagreements are approached with gentleness, avoiding harsh words or belittling remarks, and instead, embracing constructive dialogue to find resolutions. They learn how to  how to argue,

True Love: Neither party doubts the truthfulness of the other. 

True Love: True love waits for sexual intimacy. Yes, there may be Intense physical
attraction, but neither party defrauds the other (1 Thes. 4:6,7)  For a Christian single, purity isn’t just about chastity but also about the purity of intentions, thoughts, and actions. In a relationship, this entails safeguarding each other’s spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being, ensuring that interactions are genuine, respectful, and aligned with God’s teachings.

True Love: There is no jealousy or controlling behavior.

True Love: There is forgiveness and grace: Look, no relationship is immune to misunderstandings or mistakes. However, true love in a Christian context embraces forgiveness and grace. Just as God forgives our sins, partners in a Christian relationship extend forgiveness to one another genuinely. They learn from past missteps, grow together, and allow love to heal wounds. Just as Christ forgave our sins, true love in a relationship emphasizes grace and forgiveness. It acknowledges that no one is perfect and, when mistakes are made, it opts for understanding, communication, and a fresh start, rather than harboring resentments.

True Love is Unwavering:  The Bible, in 1 Corinthians 13:7, tells us that love “always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” This means that true love remains constant, even in the face of trials, misunderstandings, or adversities. It’s a bond that neither wavers nor falters, mirroring the unwavering commitment and faithfulness of God to His people.

True Love  in a Christian Relationship
final thoughts

Of course, the above is not an exhaustive list of true love signs but is useful in helping singles assess the potential of a true love match.

The signs of true love in a Christian relationship transcend the superficial, reaching deep into the spiritual realms. It is a love rooted in Christ’s example of sacrifice, forgiveness, and compassion. As couples embrace these signs of genuine love, they nurture a blessed union that flourishes under God’s grace and guidance. Remember, a love centered on Christ will weather any storm and stand strong as a testament to the power of true love in a Christian relationship.

Is there such a thing as one true love, a life long love, or can there be a number of “true loves” in one’s life?

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    • Michelle

      I am going thru a divorce because my husband continued to cheat on me. I have been with him for 10 years all together. I done everything I think I could of done to make it work. Someone else has been calling me that has been going thru the same thing as I have. Talking to him has been great because we have so much in common. I am really scared that he will also hurt me to. But I know he is a great guy because I have known him for a while. Why do I feel this way ?

      • Rickie

        In regard to true love, I have been falling for this woman who is one year old then me i keep thinking about her i always look out for her am always there for her but am cant get there to tell how i really feel about her i never look at another woman but keep thinking about her am really sure that i am in love and she does not know it yet i have asked her out once but she just want to be friends

        • Cait

          Ok True Love. Im with this guy that is about 5 years older then me. We dated before but then were forced apart. I know I Love him, But is it true? We get along, talk things out, waiting until marriage to have sex, trust each other, and when we’re together it feels like we’re one. he says he wants to marry me. But I want to know if its real. Can you help me???

          • S. W.

            ok. so i have only been with this guy for 2 weeks now. i am only 14 turning 15 in feb. and he is my 1st real BF. my stomach flips when im around him, i get nervous to see him, my hand gets all sweaty when we are holding hands, i am ALWAYS thinking about him. im always happy when i am around him or talking to him…or just thinking about him…. could this be love??? i know im young…but most websites i am looking at say yes. adn im scared that it is

            • Julia Layne

              Hi. ok – so i know that the internet isn’t the best place to go for relationship advice, but i really need some help here. I think I’m in love with this guy – i mean, not just like the fluttery-heart crush – i seriously believe that i want to be with this guy for the rest of my life – to raise his babies and go through the good times and the bad times by his side. i honestly can’t picture myself with any one else. heres the catch – This guy is engaged. I know that he doesn’t really love the girl, but she loves him and he is very obsessed with her. so – do I keep silent and go to their wedding and try to be happy for them and have to live with myself? will this feeling ever pass? or do i tell him how i feel and risk ruining our friendship and perhaps their relationship? help.

              • Julie

                Hi, I am 16 years old. And dating a 23 year old guy.
                He is a VERY christan guy, he tells me that he loves me very much and that nothing matters to him as much as I do.
                I KNow that he wants to get married, sooner or later. But I am not sure what I am feeling for him. Its either I feel sorry for him…OR i really love him.Because when we are appart i really miss him and hope he was by me. But when he is with me…I feel like i really want to be with him. But its always diffrent, Sometimes i feel lonley. But i know that he loves me, but iam not sure if i do..! How do i find out?!?!?!

                • rachel

                  everyone on here is always talking about themselves and their problems of how do i know its love? What are the signs? Is it love or lust?
                  Have a deep think about why you are asking all these questions?
                  Its because you have doubt about who you are with. Ive been there, ive tried to pretend to love someone and make up a love story in my head. But seriously if things arn’t working out its for a reason. You may truly love the person but its not the right time, you may make excuses up for your lover and live a life from your head and not your heart. It sounds cheesy but its seriously how you feel them with your heart. I believe to have a deep connection with someone you need to feel them everywhere from your mind, heart, pelvis area your soul. You also need to feel comfortable around that person enough to be who you really are.

                  If your still asking the question:
                  what is love????
                  i guess you havn’t really found love until you have an answer.

                  Make sense?

                  p.s. being alone is the most precious time to get to know yourself and have freedom. Never be afraid of being alone.


                  • Kay

                    I have this guy who helped me come to Christ at a very low point in my life (Paul). He happens to be the best friend on the guy I was dating(Robert). The guys i had been dating was not a Christian(Robert). Needless to say I gave my life to Christ almost 2 months ago in the presence of this friend.(Paul) Hope your following me….Right after I gave my life to Christ I confronted Paul about possibly being more than friends. He said he didnt see me that way and only as a friend. Well time has gone by now and we’ve spent alot of time together since and I am finding him more and more attractive. I keep praying to know more about these feelings and nothing happens except the feelings get stronger. He seems as though his feelings are changing but since he hasnt heard from God that its ok he wont admit it…. Im struggling right now because i dont know wut to do. I feel like i could be completely wrong and feel dumb and hurt if i say something. I dont want to get hurt, what shud i do? He is a very goal oriented Christian and i feel as though he waits for God to tell him wut his next move shud be and he has a lot of things he wants to accomplish. I also feel like thats why hes not considering dating at this time because he doesnt want anyone to stand in the way of wut he wants to accomplish. HELPPP

                    • Tiffany

                      I fell in love with a guy. But ya know it can become difficult to figure out if he is really “the one”. You never know if it’s your wants getting in the way. So i was pretty unsure.
                      My good friend once told me, “Love can be blind, not showing whats really there.”
                      I honestly think he is the one, but Im gonna have to see what God does in my life.

                      • Jehan

                        I am in a very bad situation, please help me if you are a human being in a real meaning……Plz. The story is that I am in LOVE with my cousin, it is in an extream level & it is imposible for me to marry him as it is restricted in our family. I am in the situation that neither I can marry to someone else nor I can marry to him. I am in a very difficult situation. Please help me out by your kind & valued suggestions. I will really pray for you….. Waiting!!!

                        • ces

                          There’s a woman that I’m really really attracted. I am nervous at the same time excited when she’s around. She’s fond of telling jokes and I would laugh out loud. She’s been on my head everyday, every moment, every night. When we look at each other there’s something unexplainable that we both know we have. I am now wondering if this is already love, infatuation or merely lust?

                          • Lupe

                            My husband has been having an affair for 2 months now.
                            he’s claiming he’s fallen “in love” with her.
                            he’s claims he puts God first, then HER, then our kids.
                            but he hasnt been reading the bible, or praying
                            and has even stopped coming to church all together!
                            this girl is only 18! (my husband is 25!)
                            please pray that he sees this girls true colours
                            (both her and her mother KNOW he’s married and they’re ok with it!)
                            please pray for clarity, guidance and wisdom, that the sin he is committing gives him such intense guilt that he may turn away in disgust and cry out to Jesus.
                            we’ve been together for 6 years, married for 5 months before all this happened, and we were baptised together the day after our wedding!

                            • Ndita

                              my girl friend is beautiful and good for any man but how can i trust her when she always put her phone we on vibration when ever she comes by me.please advice me how to also keep a long lasting relation ship.

                              • M.D. Smith

                                Ndita…. I don’t know yer girl but I do know that if she is comitted to Christ and He (Christ) is more important to her than you, there’s a really, really good chance she can be trusted. Want to know a simple way to keep long lasting relationships with other believers? Love Christ with your whole heart. Make Him the center piece of your life, let Him work through you in love, walk as He walked…When you meet other brothers and sisters like minded as described above, it will be second nature to form lasting bonds with them for they will be to you and you to them as family.

                                • Shubham

                                  I love a girl too…. We were very good friends once.. 1 day i told her about my feelings and suddenly things changed… She stopped talking to me frm that very day. I even tried to talk to her on facebook, but she blocked me… Some1 plz help me out of this… I really Love her.. But she thinks that i’m just fooling around wid her…

                                  • Anna

                                    i think a sign of lust would be if you ‘love’ someone because of something about them; like if they’re good-looking or if you like talking and spending time together or if you like the same things. that’s good, but worldly couples have it too. those things might not last long, true love is unconditional and ‘for better & for worse’ as they say. a sure sign of lust is if it didn’t last or if you had a crush on two people at once, maybe. i don’t know if there are any sure signs of true love though.

                                    • myrna salvador

                                      hi im a single mom .im 49 yrs old.i have a live in partner for over 10 yrs…but seperated long time ago because he had an affair to another gurl when im away from our country for 7 yrs..i forgive him many times but still they keep on going i decided to fuck him off coz i cant relly take it anymore…after those years i never get involved w/ anyone because am scared it might happen again until such time i met one guy who is working on a seabase…we on very quickly as if weve known each other for a long long tym…as of now he is on a vacation so we decided to live as a true couple///i admit i love this guy but the thing is how do i know that he loves me too.he always told me he loves me when he is out of the country but when he is here small things when we scrap a bit it takes for him too long to forgive even if its his always trying to understand him but it seems my love for him lessen because of his attitude..if we argue he never talk to me he often off his cell i buzz him many times on yahoo but still he kept ignoring u think he loves me? am confuse because i love this guy very much//pls help me thank u………….

                                      • Jenny

                                        Hi , i have feeling for this married guy he give me a happiness and security feeling and i love him for who he is . i never tell him because i try to put myself on his wife shoes .. I just want him to be happy .. I want nothing elese in return . .. I care about him alot
                                        He is like a magical to me .. and he is very special . we have a connection .. He is the one who change me .. It is very diffrent from those crushes .. I find he is like a prince

                                        It is true love ?

                                        • kelvin

                                          i met her in school, she was miss my school, she was elegant nd beautiful, i liked her but i was not so attracted to her, i was friends to her roommate, so i went by the house one day, she was alone,we made out andd we suddenly we started going out, she was a virgin at 23, i was broke she gave selflessly, we now have a baby nd we’re not married, she has good manners, nice and very supportive, but im not ready to get married at 26 nd she wants us to, my major problem is i dnt know if im in love, nd i want to be single for a while

                                          • j

                                            @kelvin: No, that it is obviously not (and never was) true love. True love would not get a girl pregnant, then not marry her because of ‘wanting to be single for a while’.

                                            @Jenny: You’ve done right not to tell him. Forget about the whole thing. You have a HUGE sign that he is not the one for you: he’s married. Simple as that.

                                            @Shubham: If you really love her, you want what’s best for HER. Which may not be you. Hard to accept maybe, but true.

                                            • Madara

                                              I dunno how would I tell this guy that all of the signs I was asking God are pointing towards him. We met awkwardly that anyone would think that we’re soul mates. I want to glorify God in terms of serious relationship and commitment so I am willingly obeying him even if its hard because of long waiting and fighting all of temptations. Modesty aside, I am quiet attractive for some guys but I preferred to stand still until “right one” comes along, if this would make my God smile (of course he should be Christian too).

                                              However, i feel like I finally found him, but unlike the other guys drooling over me, he doesn’t seem attracted to me or maybe he’s afraid to tell his feelings towards me because he thinks that I might reject him??. how would i tell him????

                                              Is it fine if I’ll go first to open up?

                                              I don’t want to lose him, I’ve been waiting for him for so long. its been 7 years of not being in a relationship because I committed to God that I will glorify Him in my next and final relationship.

                                              I am so in to this guy.

                                              But nobody knows (even my friends) of this feeling of mine.

                                              what should I do.. my patience is eating me up. 🙁

                                              • H. Mickey Gill

                                                I admit that it’s too late for me as I gave up on the soulmate fantasy/fraud many years ago, but I have an interesting question: What does one say to a person who is searching for that special someone, but only finds resistance, rejection and failure?

                                                It seems to me that saying “don’t give up” rings quite hollow in a situation like that.

                                                Any opinions?

                                                • pj

                                                  true love happens when unexpected, it a strangest feeling that make you feel whole new, mostly it about understanding and having same that honesty loyalty and every thing that you have been praying for & you are greatfully to god for making your dreams come to life. it what you both truely belive in & making GOD your sever your teacher and pray hard that you definely hold on in any cicumstances.

                                                  • Sally

                                                    Im dating this guy and me and him just got into a fight about 1 week ago cause i was hanging out with one of my friends that is a guy and my boyfriend doesnt like my friend so he got mad that me and my friend he doesnt like were talking this friend of mine has called me baby a couple of times and told my boyfriend me and him were dating and even tho my boyfriend knows i would never cheat on him or leave him he belived my friend not me so because of my boyfriends rage i had 2 stop talking to every friend i have thats a guy i feel like love is ruining my life but no matter what i still have true feelings for my boyfriend i dont know what to do i want to someday marry him but im scared that if this keeps happening he will leave me. also because of his rage i lost a friend that is like a brother to me what do i do now i dont want to lose my friends or my boyfriend

                                                    • Moe

                                                      True love takes a lot of time to develop.As a teenager i have come to realise that true love isn’t about feeling nervous or good when that particular good looking guy comes around.True love would only come when you have fully known that person inside-out.The basis of true love is the Love of God and not a guy or girl’s good looks.

                                                      • gee

                                                        when the right person comes in your life he or she will not make you loose your relationship with your God or your dear friends. just stay connected with God through prayers and tell Him how you feel and you will see how well He will answer your prayers. stop worrying guys let God be in control.

                                                        • Rose

                                                          I am a single mom for 19 yrs.i’ve been keep sheding tears of loneliness and brokeness for over 19 years i m just wondering why God allow so much pain in my life.. I mean i am verystrong christian woman why it seem he doesn’t want me to be with someone.

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